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Sustainable use of forest resources in Kigoma Region, Tanzania

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Upendo Development Society (UDESO)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

The target groups are local communities (22,458 inhabitants) living in and around Mkuti forest in which the rate of deforestation is higher to these communities to the extent that, 8000 hectares are cleared annually while the rate of planting trees is very low to the extent that can make the area be a desert in few years to come.

In order to achieve the aim, various issues need to be addressed including:

- Deforestation: In order to mitigate the problem, it is important that the communities surrounding Mkuti forest take responsibility of managing their natural resources sustainably.

- Lack of participation: It is among of the problems which increase the rate of clearing forests. So, in order to promote effective management of natural resources within this local communities, improved mechanism for good governance needed to be developed and promoted to all key stakeholders to promote participation and equity in decision making especially for issues affecting the community.

- Lack of income generation activities: They depend much in activities which destruct forests like using charcoal, firewood, shifting agriculture and settlement. So, in order to reduce such dependency, numerous alternative sustainable income generation activities needed to be sought and developed including on-farm and off-farm activities.

What is your project and how will it help?

To complete the long-term goal and project objectives, several resources are required. These include the recruitment of permanent and temporary personnel including facilitators, moderators and mass media. Also, information technology and communication, office equipments, training materials and audiovisual materials are needed. Also purchasing of seeds for seedling and planting. The artificial insemination center will require some refurbishment and equipping in addition to other veterinary supplies. Agricultural supplies including improved seeds and crops, as well as herbarium equipment will also need to be procured. Also various venues and PRAs, seminars, meeting, consultancy, mentoring and coaching with various stakeholders will be needed to achieve the goal.

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