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Financial support in the implementation of water supply scheme in Cameroon

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Enyenge Development Initiative

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Help the Enyenge Community getting clean wells. This project has identified Enyenge located at Idenau Sub Division as crucial because the community is located along the Atlantic Ocean and is cut off from mainland by creeks and rainforest. Currently, the community of Enyenge has no direct access to clean drinking water. The closest source of safe water is the town of Idenau, half an hour boat-drive away through the sea. Because people have no direct access to safe drinking water, they are forced to use rainwater or contaminated groundwater from unprotected wells found on certain compounds. Clean water is also available in bottles, but these are too expensive to use on a daily basis.
Salinity and sandy soil make the existing wells not suitable for drinking and sustainably respectively. We examined the urgency as well as the feasibility of providing hand dug wells sealed with hand pumps to solve the problem of infected wells and insufficiency of potable water as well as its underlying consequences which include health depredations amongst others.

We have underscored the problematique and possible strategies to offer a sustainable solution to the water crisis. We also proffered how these would meet up with the stated goals and benefit the entire population of the region adequately. The project shall be economically viable and environmentally friendly and tailored within a convenient prescribed timeframe.

What is your project and how will it help?

Water scheme by hand dug well, fitted with hand pumps to realize an easily accessible and sustainable supply of safe drinking water in sufficient amounts for Enyenge community and its neighbouring communities. Through this project, EDI aims to improve the quality of life for the people in Enyenge, by reducing water-related diseases and deaths and providing economic and social benefits for the region.

Executive Summary
The provision of safe and clean drinking water is amongst the pressing challenges facing the developing world. The high demand for potable water is aggravated by a teaming population and environmental degradation.
According to the United Nations human development index report (2012), Cameroon ranks 150th in the human development index, life expectancy at birth is 51.6 years. There is a high rate of infant and maternal mortalities. Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) is greater than or equal to 3%. Gender Inequality Index (GII), value is 0.668.Gross National Income (GNI) per capita is $2.031. These indicators show that Cameroon is amongst the poorest countries in the developing world. This is not unconnected to lack of safe and clean drinking water. Water and poverty are related, water and health are related, water and education are related, so also is water and hunger.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

The partnership would be in the form of Government support and control, community participation through an action plan, Donor organization, contractors, project team.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Costing And Funding Plan (Fcfa)

1. General Cost Of Constructing One Hand Pump Well

S/N Description of work Donor Beneficiary and EDI Total Amount.
1. Lay out and Geophysical studies. 400,000 - 400,000
2. Site installation (transportation of materials, safe sign, project sign board, security fence around work area), clearing of site. 360,000 90,000 450,000
3. Excavation above water level using manual tools(dig axes, crow bars,hoes,spades shovels, buckets) 89,600 22,400 112,000
4. Pre-fabrication of culvert rings, with concrete dose at 350kg/m3 for culvert rings, form work, iron work. 1,112,600 278,150. 1,390,750.
5. Excavation below water table (cutting culvert rings, pre-fabrication base slab. 51,928. 12,982. 64,910.
6. Sinking of pre-cast culvert rings (filtration and non- filtration culvert rings. 418,708. 104,675 523,379.
7. Superstructure, slab on grade, with anti-shrinking rods, concreting of platform, fencing. 994,147 248,536.6 1,242,683.
8. Cleaning of well( quality control analysis) 176,000 44,000 220,000
9. Purchase and Installation of manual pump(Indian mark) 680,000 170,000 850,000.
10. Training and capacity building, supply of tool kit for maintenance. 100,000 100,000.
11. Supply and placing of the label of funding body. . 50,000 50,000.
12. Reception and folding back.( all temporary structures, equipment removed from project site, cleaning of the site, report of work elaborated by the contracting parties. Handing over ceremony. 250,000 250,000.
13. EDI facilities (vehicles, stationery, project staff. - 400,000. 400,000.
TOTAL 4,282,983 1,770,743.6 6,053,726.6.
14. Miscellaneous(5% of total) 214,149.15 88,537.18 302,686.33.
15. Management and supervision (10% of total). 428,298.3 177,074.36 605,372.66.
GRANT TOTAL. 4,925,430.45 2,036,355.14 6,961,785.59

• Donor amount: 4,925,430.45 = 9,889.91 USD
• Beneficiary and EDI: 2,036,355.14 = = 4,088.70 USD
• Total amount: 6,961,785.59= 13,978.23 USD

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