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Fund the Music Project to help disadvantaged children in Uganda

Requested by

Prince Joseph Foundation

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Prince Joseph Foundation is a registered community based Organization which is in a bid to contribute toward the prevention, rehabilitation, education and resettlement of orphans and other vulnerable children as well as supporting families in need.The number of people we help are identified by local community leaders,religious leaders and others come due to area crisis like internal Conflicts,Family affairs/neglect,wars like in Northern Uganda which has caused many people to live on the streets especially children and that’s where we get them.
we currently have 20(Twenty) OVCs in our orphanage located in Lungujja-Kosovo and supports 480 in our new school located in Ngangi-Kaluguzza,Kibale district of Mid Western Uganda.

Apart from helping children,we also need to create access to clean water in places where water is not available,likewise,Agriculture is one of the projects we are running whereby we have already cultivated the land as we prepare to plant maize,beans,and rearing pigs and chicks for the sustainability and food production of the Orphanage and the School.

Prince Joseph Foundation is dedicated for helping disadvantaged children as well as supporting families in need. We all know that these people face many challenges and many of them carry them in their heads. Here we are trying to help these disadvantaged children to forget the hardship by creating music project. We believe this project will create new memories in their lives.

What is your project and how will it help?

Project Summary:

Music Project for disadvantaged children(The Prince Joseph Children Choir) is one of the projects run by Prince Joseph Foundation Africa.This project was started in February 2013 with twenty(20) children from Prince Joseph Orphanage Center and later we added ten(10)children from the community.
Music is carried into production to Churches,Orphanages,old peoples homes,Schools and we also have a plan to take Music to identified places like Play grounds,where we can gather street children and educate,empower,and inform them through the songs we made.

Project Purposes.

-Music for disadvantaged children helps participates to develop their skills/talents.
-it has builds self-confidence in the participates.
-it empowers,educated and Entertain not only participates,but also other children who are still on streets,old people and troubled people where we minister.
-It creates peace and love not only to children in the Orphanage but also in places where we deliver the production.
-We believe this project will reduce family conflicts/family neglects because of the messages in our songs.
-Children deliver their message to Government leaders upon children rights where by child rights are not observed in many parts of the country.

Project Location.

The project is already running in Lungujja-Kosovo where Prince Joseph Foundation administrators rented a place where all children meet every day at a round 04:30pm to 7:00pm.

Project Duration:

The project was designed to run every day after school-class hours,However,due to lack of insufficient funds to pay the electricity bills,transporting the trainers and hiring Public Address System, The project runs only in the school holidays which are always for one or two months.

Project Beneficiaries:
Orphans,Vulnerable children,Old people and communities.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

You can help us by providing us with resources needed, like one computer, one printer and uniforms or you can donate any amount of money you have to help us with studio fees.

Please detail the resources that you need.

The following resources are needed for the successful running of the project.
1-Studio fees:
-we need to record Audio tracks which will be used in presentations.
-Video tracks also needed;This will be sold to financially stable people for the sustainability of the project;

Every Audio Track costs US $ 150
Every Video Track Costs US $ 200

Total tracks needed for the starting.
Audio -Eight (8)
Video -Five/Four (5 OR 4)
Total Cost:
Audio = $1200
Video = $800

Children needs to be smart at presentations and it will encourage them to present to the fullest.

Uniform consists of;

Shoes(easy shoes)30 pairs
African dresses(Ebitenyi)30 garments
Stockings 30 pairs

Shoes =$180
African dresses = $720
Stockings =$ 24

3-Public Address Systems
Consists of Two speakers,Dvd Player,wires,Electricity extension

Two Speakers = $ 200
Dvd Player = $ 48
wires = $20
Electricity Extension = 12

4-Electricity bills
We pay electricity bills where we make practice and every week.

costs:US $20

The trainers offered free training to the children ,however give them transport fees to and from the training zone and that costs US $17,Every week.

6-One computer with Internet connection.
This will help us to inform our donors every thing we do and in most times donors will be able to get live streaming from the training zone and outside the zone(Presentations)it will also help us to type and print the written songs and program.
Computer $ 400
Internet $ 200

This will be used to print-out our posters,written songs used by computers and other
administrative work.
Costs $160

Total Project Cost:US $ 4001

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