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Funding needed for Mubende College of Health Sciences (MUCOHES) in Mubende District, Uganda

Requested by

Family Development Organisation (FADO)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Provide the district of Mubende with locally educated health workers, who are urgently needed. At the moment FADO contracts nurses and midwives from Kampala to assist in screening women. As Mubende is one of the biggest districts in Uganda with poor road infrastructure, the health centers are scattered with no staff houses which made it hard for the nurses to keep working in those hidden places especially if recruited from a distant places of the country.

The district of Mubende has all along wanted to begin a nursing school but has failed but decided to support FADO in the effort of starting one in Mubende( These are District Chair Person Local Council V Words) during a community participation mobilization meeting called by FADO.
Mubende district has only one National Teachers College and Muteesa Royal University opened a branch last year offering education courses. Mubende is one of the undeveloped districts hence called the Karamoja of Buganda.
FADO has been training nursing assistant’s students. Mubende district leadership advised FADO to uplift the training of nursing assistants program to a fully fledged Nursing school that will train young students who have completed senior four and six, award them a certificate that will grant them jobs and employed by the government of Uganda.

What is your project and how will it help?

Establishing a college of health science in Mubende, offering training for nurses, midwives, clinical officers, laboratory assistants and counselors, and help the students get employed in their district.
The students from Mubende will be given first priority of being admitted in the College.
The neighboring districts will also be considered, then later students from far district will be considered for admission. These are direct beneficiary who will be employed by any health institution in Uganda or outside .They will get salary, earn a leaving, fight poverty, and improve themselves and their families.
The community of Mubende and the stakeholders believe that once a nursing school is put in place their own children will get a chance of being trained and be employed in their district. This will solve the problem of under staffing in the hospital and health centers.
Lack of employment is a big problem in Uganda. Parents and students have been advised to take courses that will help them get employment after training.

Because of high competition in other training schools students fail to join the courses of their choice.
The adolescent population in Mubende between the ages of 12-24years is 116,980. This population alone supports the project we need to establish because even we cannot recruit all of them.
Basing on the arguments above there is a justification that we look for funds to start a full college of health sciences in Mubende to fight poverty, treat the sick, prevent disease, death and create jobs for young people.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

We need people to partner with us in finance and human resource.
Please refer to the detailed breakdown budget per year and the amount required.

Please detail the resources that you need.

A five year Mubende College of Health Science summarized budget 2013-2017 of total: 1,731,038.49 USD

i. procurement total: 182,192.31 USD
ii. construction total: 779,231 USD
iii. sports facility total: 23,076.91 USD
iv. teaching health center total: 192,307.69 USD
v. transport total: 50,000.02 USD
vi. salaries total: 504,230.75 USD

Please refer to the detailed attached budget.

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