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Funding for Kingfisher Nursery and Primary School Construction Project in Uganda

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Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Kingfisher Nursery and Primary School – Education project proposal is a project in association with Buganda Women Community Initiative (Buwoco). The thrust of the women is to assist the school to construct classrooms for the good environment of the children.
Buhanda Women Community Initiative is an organization founded in 2010 to support innovative community initiatives that promote education, health and entrepreneurship especially among the community.
Buhanda Women’s main concern is the realization of sustainable development in which the children, teachers and the community are involved in positive activities that will ensure socio-economic welfare in the entire locality and ensure proper learning environment by providing shelters. It is also in a way assisting Government attains the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) by providing ablution facilities at the school. The vision of Buwoco is peaceful co-existence and development in which everyone participate equally and effectively in problem and solution identification and where local communities, governments and other developmental bodies facilitate and carry out skills transfer to the younger generation who are not fortunate enough to be afforded.

What is your project and how will it help?

Kingfisher Nursery and Primary School with the help of the local council leaders selected 150 disadvantaged children from the 4 villages in Kamwenge district and recruited them into the child program, which will help them go to school and obtain other necessary guidance.

To meet the school requirements of the selected disadvantaged children for a good academic progress.
To help these children discover and appreciate their talents through relevant programmes and activities.
To shape the morals of the selected children under the project through sensitisation, counseling and guidance.
To provide other essential materials for the well being of the selected children in the project for example clothes among others.

From the research done by the school management early in March 2011, experience shows that a very big number of disadvantaged children are not going to school.
45% of the children between 3-13 years are disadvantaged. Some of these children have been neglected by their parents while others have parents who are disabled, chronically sick and extremely poor to the extent of not being in position to make their children access education.
31% of the children between the ages of 3-13 years are orphans who lost their parents as a result of accidents, murder, HIV/AIDS and other diseases. Only 3% out of 31 live in a relatively comfortable and good life with their guardians.
This research was done in the 4 parishes.
It is upon this background that Kingfisher Nursery and Primary School was initiated to save this situation.

The Buwoco executive will mobilize the parents and local community members to make bricks for the buildings and contribute other locally available materials towards this project. The local Community will contribute labour and local materials such as water and sand that will be used to construct the seven classrooms and provide security for the materials.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

The school requests partnerships to facilitate the education of these 150 selected disadvantaged children and orphans, so that we solicit financial and material support towards the education and well being of these children from individuals, associations, institutions and companies.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Project budget:


Donations Shs 1 85,000,000
local Contributions shs 8,000,000
other donations shs 6,000,000


Building materials Shs 185,000,000
600 bags cement
Door frames
Window frames
Asbestos sheets
Roof traces
Labour – builders shs 8,000,000
Security Shs 1,000,000
Misc Shs 5,000,000
199,000,000 Ugandan Shilling (78,828 USD)

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