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Help disabled adolescent girls in Pakistan to improve their ability to study

Requested by

Society for Disabled Women

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

The Society for Disabled Women has conducted a research study on adolescent girls who go to school. These girls between 10-19 come from poor and disadvantaged families and are studying in government and private schools in poor and marginalized communities. The report shows that the drop out rate is increasing; many girls are scared to go to school and suffer from depression and other traumatic conditions. They cannot manage to do homework because of the severe energy crisis. Their parents are poor and the poverty ratio has increased because of the energy crisis and unemployment. Cultural and traditional restrictions create negative attitudes and freedom of expression is affected.

We want to help some of these girls who do not have resources to continue their studies, and increase their participation in school and at home.

We promote inclusion and equal opportunities for disabled and non-disabled women and girls. In this project, we would be helping adolescent girls who are disabled, as well as others.

What is your project and how will it help?

Our project is the mobilization, equipping and education of 30 poor, orphans and disabled adolescent schoolgirls. The project aims to strengthen their abilities to overcome challenges, barriers and problems. The project will last 6 months and benefit 30 adolescent schoolgirls and their families.

The project aims to create a sustainable improvement in the lives of the girls.

The project will :
1. provide solar energy kits to the girls
2. promote computer skills
3. mobilize and educate the girls through individual counselling and group sessions.

SDW looks forward to providing and distributing solar energy kits, and computers to the target group so that they have a proper environment for study in their home. SDW will also educate them through individual counselling and group discussion, seminars, and workshops to overcome psychological depression and other traumatic conditions caused by the energy crisis.

First Phase: (3 months):
1. Solar energy kits will be distributed and installed
2. Computers will also be distributed
3. In the meantime, teacher counsellors will be appointed to provide individual counselling.

Second phase: (3 months)
1. Follow up meetings between SDW social mobilizers and the target group and their parents to ensure that they take good care of the solar panels will be held.
2. Training sessions for the target group will be held on how to manage time for study, the importance of energy kits, and how to overcome psychological and traumatic conditions etc.
3. Teacher Counsellors will make door to door visits to motivate and guide the girls.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

SDW will run the project. People can partner with us by helping us with funding.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Sr. No Activity Detail PKR USD
1. Staff salary
Social Mobilizer = 2
12000 × 2 × 6 = 144’000

Teacher Counsellor = 3
15000 × 3 × 6 = 270’000

Office assistant = 1
10’000 x 1 × 6 = 60’000

Accountant = 1
10’000 x 1 × 6 = 60’000

2. Seminars = 3
Cost per seminar = 60’000
60’000 x 3 = 180’000

3. Solar Energy kits = 30
35000 cost per kit
35000 × 30 = 1’050’000
4. Computers = 30
30’000 cost per desktop Computer

Total Amount Requested: PKR 2’664’000 = 26,640 USD

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Asia: Pakistan

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Disability issues; Education and training; Energy


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    Seema says: We work in providing clean and safe light through solar energy. our individual study lights are very handy and effective for children to study.