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Provide care for orphans in Cameroon

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Abang Ashu Academy (3A)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

We operate in Eyangntui Village and Mamfe Town. The economy here is agrarian in nature. The major economic activity in and around the villages is subsistence agriculture. There are no hospitals or clinics in Eyangntui Village. The village doesn’t have electricity or piped water so that people drink directly from the river without any purification or filtering system. This means that children suffer from waterborne diseases. There are also many mosquitoes which transmit malaria, and the the shallow toilets that attract flies also help to transmit disease.

We want to do something about the poor hygiene existing in the area, and that particularly affects children.

What is your project and how will it help?

We want to run a child care project that will help children to look after themselves better. The project aims to provide better food, clean drinking water and basic medical care and educational support for orphans and destitute children.

Our specific objectives are:
1- To make sure no child goes hungry;
2- To provide clean drinking water to all children in need;
3- To wash and keep children clean and healthy;
4- To provide basic medical care to children;
5- To provide early childhood education to underprivileged children;
6- To promote child evangelism and discipleship;
7- To develop a partnership between Abang Ashu Academy Child Care
Centres and partners.

1- Making food available to the children so that no child stays
without eating;
2- Making clean water available to the children so that no child
should stay without clean drinking water;
3- Washing and keeping the children clean and healthy;
4- Making sure that basic medical care is available to all children;
5- Making sure all underprivileged children have access to
quality education;
6- Making sure all children are evangelized;
7- Doing monitoring and evaluation of the programme,;
8- Writing reports, taking pictures and submitting them to partners

3A child care center Staff includes:
1. Children attendants,
2. Nurses,
3. Cooks,
4. Teachers,

The beneficiaries will be 23 orphans and destitute children (2 – 6 years of age)in Eyangntui village and Mamfe town in the south west region of the Republic of Cameroon.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

There is a need for a partnership to transform the lives of orphans in Mamfe and Eyangntui.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Donations from partners will be used to provide:

1- Food to feed the children
2- Clean drinking water
3- Preventive medical care
4- Teaching and learning materials
5- Recreation kits and play ground
6- Hygiene kits
7- Children bibles
8- Clothes and shoes
9- Fees for the teachers, cooks and the nurse

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