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Computer skills training project for children in West Bengal

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Suri Natun Juger Pratyasha

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

As part of our mission “Unlock Child’s Potential”, Suri Natun Juger Pratyasha establishes and manages programmes in care, protection, and development of children in difficult circumstances (orphans and destitute children, children from broken homes; trafficked and abused children; street children and child labourers, children of HIV affected parents, children of single women). With a rights-based approach, gender issues cut across all our programmes and child participation is at the core of activities. Projects focus on personalized counselling, health, education, shelter and protection with a focus on the girl child, child rights awareness & empowerment, vocational skills and livelihood development.
Community projects of Suri Natun Juger Pratyasha focus on empowerment of children (and mothers) through awareness creation, bringing them under the network of education through non-formal education. In addition, sporadic interventions of functional literacy/life skills education are also components of projects. All such initiatives strive to empower children (and mothers equally,) bring them to the forefront and groomed suitably for managing their life and responsibilities successfully.

What is your project and how will it help?

It is proposed to establish a Mobile Digital-Learning Centre (DLC) with Computers, UPS and internet connections (LAN) and 2 printers. This will be set up in the project area for training children in computer and English communication skills. 40 Children (at least half of them being girls) will be taught in batches. Training classes will be held 6 days a week. Children will be between 16-19, having passed at least class X and studying in XI-XII. Admission for the training course will be on the basis of a written aptitude test.

Computer literacy will include basics (including Excel and Power Point), internet surfing and mailing, Tally package for accounting work, data entry and tabulation. The training will be for 1 year during which children will involved in exposure to industry.
In addition, children will be given orientation on soft skills like gender issues, personality development, career counselling, interview skills, HIV/AIDS etc.
Children of the CCT will be given follow-up support in community-based self- help –groups (SHGs) to be established by women (their mothers/ community women).

Procurement/purchase of raw materials/ingredients for income-generating activities started by SHGs
Examination of income-expenditure accounts maintained by SHGs and provide guidance

Besides, CCT will also carry out advocacy on the following issues in respective areas/communities:

Child Rights: Right to Education Law and facilitating admission of children in schools under the provisions of the Law(RTE)
Girl child education, age at marriage, gender issues and female feticide, child rights audit
Women’s health and nutrition
Facilitating medical support to elders suffering from serious diseases

The project is designed:
To create awareness and correct knowledge among children about life skills and responsible adulthood through functional literacy
To impart skills training for income-generating programmes like designing and dress making for gainful employment including setting up small businesses
Imparting e-literacy including computer –based financial accounting (software) practice enabling employment in organized service and retail sectors
Financial literacy to manage local self-help groups and personal finances though informed choices, judicious investments for optimal financial growth )

How can other people partner with you on your project?

Entire project activities are to be conducted by Program In-Charge assisted by a Community Mobilizer. There will be 1 Computer Instructor recruited for training and 1 Resource person (part-time) for teaching.

Resource person may be a suitably qualified expert to provide financial literacy. He/She shall also help in getting SHG Members open account in recognized financial institution and also facilitate soft loan, if needed, by individual or group.
Preference shall be given to girls. Training in E-Literacy, Secretarial practices and communication skills (in Hindi and English) shall be imparted. Admission for the training course shall be on basis of an aptitude and attitude test and comfort level with regard to employment in services/hospitality sector as Office Assistant/ PR Assistant.
Children in difficult family situation (identified single women- having been deserted, widowed/whose husband are living with terminal diseases like TB/HIV and having to shoulder responsibility of running the household) shall be accorded highest preference.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Table- 1 Budget Summary-1st year

(All figures in INR except where name of currency is mentioned)

Non-recurring Expenditure; Rs.250000
Recurring Expenditure : Rs.670000
Total Expenditure : Rs.920000 16,565.23 USD

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Advocacy of global issues; Project funding

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Asia: India

Global issues

Children, youth and family welfare; Education and training; Gender issues


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