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Improve health and working conditions for female labourers engaged in stone crushing, India

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Social Awareness for Democratic Art and Research (SAFDAR)

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Title of the project is: A study on health and working conditions of female labourers engaged in stone crusher industry with specific reference to Ranchi district of Jharkhand state.

Jharkhand is rich in mineral resources but with poor inhabitants, though it cradles rich industrial houses like Tatas, Jindal, Abhijeet Group et al.
The state is stands out in the country due to its rich flora and fauna, hills and dales. However, the scenic beauty hills are now being turned into ruins, courtesy the stone crushers which are churning out stone chips for construction materials. The workers here are mostly women. Literacy rate is very low among rural women. The Census 2011 puts the overall literacy rate of rural women in Jharkhand at 49 per cent. Moreover, their poverty forces them to take up hazardous works.

What is your project and how will it help?

Our project is about establishing a sustainable society in which all people will enjoy democracy and have accessibility of fundamental rights and live with dignity and peace maintaining their traditional cultural identity. Our activities has evolved a lot in the modern age, and has really helped in improving the youth’s self confidence and leadership outlook. Our workshops help them to achieve their higher goals. We will also organize seminars on traditional art and culture issues, that will help the youth to develop their moral values and their culture and art.

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People can partner with us by helping us with funding.

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6,23,800.00 Indian Rupees

1,246 USD

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Asia: India

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Community development; Gender issues; Labour conditions


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