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Support Protective Homes for Trafficking Victims in India

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Rescue Foundation

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

We regularly help girls/children victims of human trafficking trafficked from India, Bangladesh and Nepal and sold for forced prostitution in India and/or are sexually abused. They are physically and mentally tortured and brainwashed in brothels to force them to prostitute.

The trafficked girls undergo such inhuman atrocities, physical and mental torture and brainwash in the brothels.

Spread of HIV/AIDS has not discouraged the sex industry’s growth – instead, it has led traffickers to seek even younger girls, who are more likely to be free of diseases. Many of these girls will never escape. Some will die of AIDS and some will resort to suicide.

We have to continuously struggle with the uneducated, emotional, frank, guileless, simple-hearted girls and women, and teach them the means to earn their livelihood with respect. Trafficked persons are traumatized by their experiences. Depression and suicidal thoughts are commonly reported. The mental and emotional state of the survivors may include helplessness, withdrawal, disassociation, self-blame etc. Besides being stigmatized as outcasts and facing moral and legal isolation, trafficked people are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS infection; drug addiction, high risk abortions and teenage pregnancies. A nation can not be a silent witness to the forces tearing its social fabric. Each girl child deserves a better tomorrow.

What is your project and how will it help?

1.Our multifarious activities are described in our profile. To operate in so many fronts requires considerable funds. We therefore basically need operating expenses for our three Protective Homes. These operative expenses include the following:

a. Safe custody for beneficiaries.
b. Healthy nutrition.
c. Decent clothing, toiletries & medicines.
d. Doctor’s consultations for complete health care.
e. Training for sustainability.
f. Legal aid to prosecute perpetrators.
g. Repatriations to unite with their families in Bangladesh, Nepal & India.
h. Weddings wherever possible.
i. Communication.
j. Travels.
k. Electricity.
l. Government taxes on property.
m. Purchase of raw materials for training.
n. Vehicles for safe conveyance of girls to courts, hospitals etc. & transport of goods.

2.As we have to rescue and rehabilitate many more girls compared to our capacity of our three Protective Homes, we need to construct new Homes of much more capacity at three places and one Home at Delhi which has emerged as a big hub for forced prostitution.

For this we need to:
a. Purchase land.
b. Construct the Home.
c. Furnish the Home.
With our expertise, we shall be able to rescue and rehabilitate more than 400 girls/children and also add more training and skill development courses to develop their skill and train them to sustain in life.
Ultimately they will reintegrate in respectable society.

It is shameful that so many girls/women/children who are future mothers of future generation are trafficked and lose their confidence and faith in mankind. They have unwittingly fallen prey to forced prostitution and suicidal tendencies.

We, the more educated and better endowed members must assist this unfortunate segment in our society.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

We need financial help. We are a grass root, transparent organisation delivering practical results and impact. So far we have given new lives to more than 2500 girls/children.

Please detail the resources that you need.

We need operative expenses up to INR 30,000,000 out of which we are able to collect about INR 15,000,000

We also need following funds for constructing the following:
a. For Mumbai – land of 20000 square feet – INR 200,000,000
b. For Pune – land of 10000 square feet – INR 100,000,000
c. For Delhi – land of 10000 square feet – INR 100,000,000

(INR 1,000,000 = USD 20,000)

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