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Help Cyclone Thane victims in India

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Slum Development Society

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

In the end of December 2011, Cyclone Thane struck the Tamilnadu state, India. Due to this huge disaster, many places have been damaged severely, particularly Cuddalore and Puducherry District. The struggle is not completed within two days or two months. This disaster will be there for another 20 years. The affected people are living but they have no life. They are all refugees in their own country.

In Cuddalore and Villupuram, 350,000 huts were fully and partially damaged. The government also estimated that a total of 519 cattle and 5100 hens perished in the heavy rains. As 4600 fishing boats were damaged in Cuddalore. About 58,000 hectares of paddy crops, 23,500 hectares of cashew nut crops, and 5,752 hectares of sugar cane were completely washed out by the cyclone. The people who depended only on small scale farming and fishing suffer the most.

The living place of most of these people were were completely destroyed by the strong winds. The future of these people has become a question mark.

What is your project and how will it help?

Therefore Slum Development Society is planning to initiate several relief works for the people. It has successfully carried out similar help relief works earlier when the tsunami had brought about devastation along the coast. It had done so in collaboration with funding agencies that came forward to give a helping hand.

1. Animals which can provide milk can be donated to those people with which they can manage a little. Also they can be helped with a little cash so that they can make their living, and also build a new houses.

2. Their children also can be helped by providing them the basic educational needs. They can also be provided with clothes.

3. A workshop has to be conducted for women’s in various treads and train them to start small scale business. They must be provided the basic materials to start the business along with some amount of seed money.

4. In order to execute the relief project it is better to found women’s groups in every village, where they train to give a statistical report and then the relief work will be implemented by them.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

People can partner with us by providing funding.

People can also become local volunteers: They will work on grass root level and who will carry out the actual work of the organisation under the supervision and guidance of the superiors.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Budget estimate for emergency relief project 2012

1. Country Cow – Milk animals 
Rs. 10,000 × 60 nos IRs. 6,00,000 (USD 11,320)
Total No of people directly benefit :300

2. Country Goat – Milk animals
Rs. 3500 × 200 nos IRs. 7,00,000 (USD 13,208)
Total No of people directly benefit :1000

3. Seed money for the women to start small business, 150 women selected
Rs. 2000 × 150 women IRs. 3,00,000 (USD 4,412)
Total number of people directly benefit :800

4. Fishing net in nylon fabric, 36 families are selected
Rs. 8000 × 36 IRs. 2,88,000 (USD 5,434)
Total number of people directly benefit :360

5.Basic infrastructure materials like cooking vessels, clothes, toiletry items can use 3 months
116 families are selected – Rs. 2000 × 116 IRs. 2,32,000 (USD 4,377)
Total number of people directly benefit :1,100

6. Student educational materials: school bags, uniforms, toiletry items, writing
materials. Approximately 500 students 
Rs. 1000 × 500 = IRs. 5,00,000 (USD 9,434)
Total number of people directly benefit :500

7.Supportive services to the homeless people
180 families going to benefit. Each family get 5 bags cement. IRs:1,200 × 180 = IRs:2,16,000 (USD 4,075)
Total number of people directly benefit :800

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Tropical Cyclone Thane - Dec 2011


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