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Educational Development Need in Papua New Guinea

Requested by

Melanesia Education Development Foundation Inc

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

We need funding and educational material support from individual and donor organization project partners for our various Educational projects focused on disadvantaged school children, students, and schools in Papua New Guinea to empower individual’s lives and alleviate poverty.

What is your project and how will it help?

We have four major Educational Development Programs.
They are:
- School Children/Students Sponsorship Program and Educational Materials
- Infrastructure Development Program
- Peace Building Program
- Micro Enterprise Program

Under each program, we raise funds to cater for children/students educational fees, building news schools, and classrooms, teachers houses, laboratories, libraries, computer centers, provide school supplies and equipments, and children’s fundraising activities, and peace building training programs.

We need the support from project partners; to send as many needy children to school as possible, ensure needy schools and children have permanent classrooms, permanent teachers homes, learning materials, books to improve capacity and literacy competencies, develop new schools in needy remote communities, build libraries and community centers fitted with books and computers, provide electricity in remote schools with solar panels, provide mobile phones to open communication for children to communicate and download information online for educational purposes, introduce technical skills like sewing and carpentry,etc. Deliver as many Peace Building Training Programs amongst troubled communities to restore peace so that children can go to school in a peaceful family and community environments, engage parents and communities at large to help raise funds for school children and students needs.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

Project partners can choose one of our educational programs that they prefer best to support and show an interest to become a project partner.

A prospective partner can provide funding or in-kind support like educational materials and schools supplies for our Educational Materials and Infrastructure Development Program as highlight above.

Further details of individual projects can be provided upon request by a prospective project partner.

Please detail the resources that you need.

To send a child to Elementary School costs US$100/year
To send a student to vocational Training college costs US$3,000
To send a students to tertiary studies at a University, costs US$5,000

We would like to sponsor a minimum of One Thousand (1,000) children per year.

To build a basic permanent double classroom that shall cater for a minimum of forty (40) children in a class, we need US$50,000 per building.
To Build a teachers permanent home, we need US$35,000 per building.

To provide one Peace Building Training to forty (40) participants, we need US$35,000 per training.

Donations in-kind are most welcomed and including:
- Construction materials like building materials
- Shipping containers
- School supplies and equipments like: library books, computers and softwares, mobile phones, solar panels and support materials, sewing machines, photocopiers, printers, pens, pencils, exercise books, writing pads, scissors, rulers, glue, markers, crayons, color pens, sticky tapes, pencil sharpeners, children’s indoor games, puzzles, umbrellas, school bags, lunch boxes, drinking cups, belts, tooth brushes, tooth paste, combs, cups, hand saws, nails, corrugated roofing irons, corrugated side wall irons, iron posts, electricity wiring materials for classrooms, sinks, cement bags, plywoods, motor vehicles, vegetable seeds, etc.

We would be grateful indeed of partners who are willing to become a project partner and provide support to our Educational Development Programs.

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