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Help to ship medical equipment to Moldova from the UK

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Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

We trying to help the poor hospitals and people with disabilities in Moldova.

People with disabilities have not got any aid in the Republic, so the children are missing on education as they lack this aid.

We are based on Isle of Wight and collecting (recycling) medical equipment which is not use in UK anymore but it is in perfect working order.

There are more than 170,000 disabled people in Moldova in need of assistance. The hospitals have a look of 1940s in UK but with far poorer equipment.

We are here to help but need help to ship the aid there.

What is your project and how will it help?

By taking this equipment we aiming to:
- patients get better care with better hospital equipment (simple staff like laying ill on electrical bed and on thin mattresses on old wire beds.)
- hospital staff will work in better environment with the stock we supply (such as venflons, electric BP monitors and so on)

- the disabled children and also the adults will be able to get some Independence with the aid provided
- the cares of people with disabilities will be able to have easier work.
- we saved the environment by avoiding this equipment to get disposed .

All this can be possible by shipping the aid.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

We will be happy with any help we can get:

- collecting equipment for us
- fundraising for MAD-Aid
- sponsoring the trip to Moldova
- driving the lorry to Moldova

Please detail the resources that you need.

To delivery a 44t lorry we need 4,320 GBP.

We are able to ship a container full every 2-3 months.

Anything towards this will make a difference.

Be part of MAD-Aid, help make a difference.

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  • Commented
    12 Feb 2013 11:51 GMT

    Orheiul Vechi (Association for People with Disabilities)
    Unverified non-profit organisation

    Sergiu Trebis says: Asociaţia de binefacere a invalizilor din R Moldova ,,ORHEIUL VECHI "
    Chairman NGO AB Invalids: Sergiu Trebis.

    Adress: MD-3505, ORHEI, str. C. Negruzzi - 53
    Republica Moldova
    Tel / Fax.: +373 235 24 883
    mob: +373 696 36 376
    Skype: sergiu.trebis
    Please see -

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

    We are non-government juridical self-financial non-profit apolitical and social organization! That’s why we ask for the help abroad countries and to sponsors and partners from abroad, who really are able to help disabled people with financial and humanitarian aid to invalids grade 1,2,3, to children, people in age and people in need. It can be offered in clothes, shoes, glasses, medical equipment, furniture and other things.
    The NGO ’’Orheiul Vechi’’ and all disabled people and children ask you sincerely to give us the answer if it is possible to offer us help.
    Our organization will give you photos, contracts, appellations, CDs and all documents you need to insure you that our work is real. Please, give us all necessary answers for the questions because we have to insure people with a hope of a small care. We will be recognized to you for your collaboration with our organization, having a hope to continue our relation and for our future contacts.
    Our organization leads our work on the territory of the Curchi monastery, district Orhei. The distribution of humanitarian aid has a charity aim .Long ago it became as a way of normal life for disabled people in all countries.
    The Chief of NGO ’’Orheiul Vechi’’ the President of Association for disabled people Orhei
    Sergiu Trebis

    The aims of our Organizations are- the accordance of financial help and gratis services to disabled people, invalids, alone people, orphans or children from attendance schools, to large families, kindergartens and to others people in need.
    To achieve all these aims the Association provides the implements of the next activities:
    -the contribution and formation the base according the number of children and accordance the humanitarian aid, the financial help and medical and treating the diseases.
    -the contribution on opening the centre’s with the best doctors working there to investigate all necessary diseases and their treating
    - the accordance of humanitarian aid, financial and medical to orphanages and attendance schools
    -the accordance of humanitarian aid to different organizations and institutions and to particular persons from the category of that who are in need
    -sponsorization the studies of education of adults in Moldova and abroad
    -the charity activity
    -collecting and distribution of humanitarian aid
    -the organizing seminars and round tables, conferentions and other events towards the Organization
    -the sponsoring the projects of integration of social-vulnerable persons
    -the participation in international programmers, the relationship among other countries and organizations abroad
    - giving the aid to persons in need, offering them clothes and medicaments
    -creating the funds for realizing the projects
    -organizing according the law economical activities with the aims of Organization
    -collecting, according the rules, financial donations, as an act of charity from juridical and other person from Moldova and abroad.

    Here is the list of goods, which were offered to people since 2007-2011

    1.invalid wheelcratches 53p
    2.invalid sticks 36p
    3.wardrobes 63p
    4.tables 69p
    5.doors 24p
    6.cratches 16p
    7.operation surgeon table 1p
    8.unitases 3p
    9.washing tables 11p
    10.matrases 126p
    11.shelves 12p
    12.tumbs 6p
    13.medical beds 72p
    14.chairs 223p
    15.dishes 497p
    16.armchairs 12p
    17.night lamps 38p
    18.cups 111p
    19.mirrors 24p
    20.ingalator 1p
    21.pampers 11boxes
    22.USI 2p
    23.ECG 1p
    24.diathermical apparatus 1p
    25.output display monitor 1p
    26.surgeon lamp 1p
    27.fireplaces 1p
    28.washing-up machine 1p
    29clothes of humanitarian aid 130 tones=129 352 kg
    30.medicaments,glasses and other things.

    All these things were distribute according the appeals from all the republic of Moldova, which were subscribed and printed by the both parts of our organization and other person.

    Sergiu Trebis
    P.S if our appeal will be included in your list of aid we recommend you to pay the attention that our organization has all necessary ways to enlighten you the way of coming here in Moldova. The laden-list will insure and progress the collaboration. Respect with a great hope to be heard, all people of association!
    Reviewed your site, which gave us information about you and
    your business. You are doing valuable work, and
    God willing, we wish you blessings on us with disabilities.
    We are waiting for comments!
    AB Invalids,, Orheiul Vechi " R Moldova.
    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
    We are non-government organizations, who work with disabled people. Sincerely ask you to give us a hand of help with humanitarian aid. The life of sick people is very difficult and we wish you could do something for them together. Our organization is ready to offer you the full and true information about the work we do to enlighten the lives of people invalids. Hope, you will answer us. We will wait for your answer.
    Sincerely the Chief of Organization for Disabled People
    Sergiu Trebis
    You can phone at any time by the tel. number +373 680 60 114, +373 696 36 376.
    Mr. and Mrs.
    Please, call to the e-mail: -,,
    tel: +373 680 60 114 - she will answer you in English.
    Sergiu Trebis, ABI ,,Orheiul Vechi" R Moldova

    Asociaţia de binefacere a invalizilor din R Moldova ,,ORHEIUL VECHI "
    Chairman NGO ABI: Sergiu Trebis.

    Charity Association of Disabled P Moldova
    ,, Orheiul Vechi ",,, Society of Invalids Orhei - 6000
    disabled people in the city and district, orphans, people older
    generation, all people of different faiths in need of
    aid, sincerly appeal to you, Lord end Lady, to
    offer us humanitarian aid, which will help us
    and that will inspire the hope in people, especially, the integration
    people in the society.
    We are very grateful for any help you provide us
    will render: clothes, shoes, any furniture, strollers for
    disabled, invalid sticks, linen, glasses,
    food products to the extent possible, etc. At the
    moment, we have registered 2000 - Persons with Disabilities all round the city and 4000 -
    disabled people in the villages are related to the Company Disabilities,
    The Association provides assistance with the help of sponsors from
    across the border of Moldova which consists of:
    disabled, the Church of different faiths, men and
    convents, older people, children's homes,
    different hospitals treat people, wellness centers,
    kindergartens, high schools, gymnasiums and the flow is endless. Our
    warehouses are located in the territory of the Monastery Kurki.
    Humanitarian aid is distributed according to
    drawn up the plan of distribution, which is coordinated by
    Ministry of Lab our, Social Affairs and Family of R. Moldova
    Ms Valentina Buliga Minister, which
    Authorization for release by the reception from abroad,
    All customs procedures in the future we shall
    organization by the Territorial Commission Orhei with
    Commissions of different regions of Moldova which are applied to the
    writing to us or the government or a lot
    requests from the Parliament. After the distribution of humanitarian aid
    we provide assistance, reports the Acts
    charity, signed and sealed by all
    who have received assistance to the Ministry, local
    territorial administration, the government. The resulting
    assistance will be taken on record and will be distributed strictly
    specified schedule of distribution.
    We thank you in advance for your understanding and
    kindness with which you react to us. We will be very
    grateful for the continued and fruitful
    cooperation and paying attention to us.
    We wish you the highest success and fruitful work,
    health and happiness in his personal life, that God was always with
    you and you pointed out, light the way. God blesses you!
    Approached us with you for the humanitarian aid
    following, various disability organizations where there are families with children with disabilities, hospitals, people with disabilities
    are not moving, lying retirees, veterans
    disabilities, and other poor people.
    The reporting organization:
    1. Society of Disabled People, district. Drochia -
    clothes - 500kg.
    2. Disabled Veterans Association dis. Ungheni -
    clothes - 700kg.
    3. Association of Disabled People,, drops the soul, dis. Rezina -
    clothes - 400kg.
    4. Union veterans of the Invalides, dis. Orhei -
    clothes - 400kg.
    5. Social Security Disability families, dis. Rezina -
    clothes - 700kg.
    6. the Institution from Malaeshty (for Disabled), dis. Orhei
    - Clothing - 500kg.
    7. Society of Disabled People, the distribution in the general office . Orhei
    - Clothing - 2000kg.
    8. ABI,, Orheyul Vechi, to assist disabled persons in the
    circulation, dis. Orhei - clothing - 3000kg.
    9. 14 - large families with disabilities,from different areas:
    Treatment of the Ministry of Labour,
    Social Protection and Family, Chisinau, Moldova-
    clothing - 1200kg.
    10. Institution Nekulaeuka (for Disabled), dis. Orhei -
    clothes - 600kg.
    If it is possible, furniture, wheelchairs, diapers,
    Glasses and some more which is of great need in such families.
    Offloading of humanitarian assistance will be made on the
    territory of the Monastery of Kurkhi, Orhei.
    Sincerely ask you to give us the answer in short time.
    Total ------------- Apparel - 10.000kg.
    Respectfully and sincerely:
    Chairman of the Association
    Sergei Trebis
    There are still 120 hits with appellation from all over the republic of
    I am very grateful to God for what He has, in spite of
    my disability since childhood, encouraged me to this work. I am
    very happy for every opportunity to help people in their need, who were
    born with polio, chronic disease of bones.
    Please give an answer to FAX: +373 235 24 883, or by E-mail:

    1. We passed studies about the Human rights and later had got the status of Nongovernment charity Association. In 1998 here took place the reorganization of Association and we have got the Certificate from the Ministry of Justice ,which confirms the status of Nongovernment Organization of invalids and disabled people. In 2009 I was elected to become the president of Association by votes of the majority at the Conference of Invalids. Our Organization is well-known all over the republic of Moldova.

    The Certificate of in registration of NGO ,,Orheiul Vechi” :
    Nr. of in registration 1826. The date of in registration 05.06.2001.
    The name of organization: The Association of advantages for invalids of R Moldova “Orheiul Vechi”
    The date of constitution: 04.05.2001.
    The goals of Association: To accord the service to invalids and disfavored people of social vulnerable people.
    Fiscal code: 32199745.
    The address: 53,Negruzzi street, MD-3505,.Orhei City, R. Moldova
    The Justice Minister: Ion Morei.
    The banc account dollar USA: 222400107200277
    The banc account Euro: 222401707100277
    Bancaraccount VICBMD2X836, filial nr.7 ,,Victoria Bank” SA, Orhei City, R. Moldova.
    The bulletin № :RAAA nr.173542
    The bulletin seria: A27003647
    Identity card: 0972608279709
    The President of association ,,Orheiul Vechi” Sergiu Trebiş
    The Office tel/fax: +373 235 24883
    Mobile: +373 696 36376

    2. The Association offers the aid by the help of sponsors abroad on the whole territory of Moldova, where include all districts of our country with appeals, the invalids of the 1, 2, 3 grades, children-invalids, orphans, churches, monasteries, poor people, internets for disabled people, kindergartens, gymnasiums, lyceums and other Institutions, who had an appeal towards our Organization, written and subscribed in two copies and stamped. Our deposits are placed on the territory of Kurchi Monastery and had all necessary conditions for keeping aid in well store. All persons who are in need come there having own transport and get the aid. Those, who haven’t any transport, are served by ourselves. Every Sunday our Organization held charity actions on the territory of Kurchi monastery, where all people in need are welcome and very glad to get the aid in kind of clothes, shoes, medicaments, glasses, toys and other useful things. In the local office of our Organization we distribute the aid to disabled people twice a week. Getting the humanitarian aid everybody should have the identity card, also the person should subscribe that he has got the aid and the write the quantity of it. There are over 6000 invalids in districts of Orhei. All the operations are coordinated with the Ministry of Social Protect of the Family, which elaborate the Authorization for getting aid abroad.

    3. We are ready to send you by fax all necessary documents and certificates to enlighten the arrival through the customs. First of all you get our certificates by fax and send back us the letter from your organization, which confirms that you are ready to help, also a ‘’laden-list’’ with all names and categories of aid with the weight or quantity. Having these documents we are going to the Ministry to elaborate the Authorization .After subscribing the necessary certificates we send the Authorization to the national custom of R. Moldova. Your arrival will be easy and without any problems with registration from the place you begin your way till here in Moldova. All the payments our organization will do itself. The organization give you the full guarantee for your insurance on the way to Moldova. Here are the documents which you could have as the duplicates-the appeal for humanitarian aid from our organization, the plan of distribution of the aid to disabled people, the certificate of preventing medicine, the certificate of our organization’s registration, the Authorization and the copy of passport of the president of organization.

    4. There are over 1550 disabled children whose parents or teachers ask our organization for humanitarian aid. Unfortunately our organization has not so many sponsors to lend a hand of help to each child. We regret for such unpleasant thing and make a great work to help everybody of them. That’s why we hope to be heard by your organization, which could help greatly to those, who still live with a strong belief that there are some bodies, who thinks of them!

    Here is the fax of our organization: +373 235 248 83
    God Blessings to You, sincerely the President of NGO ’’Orheiul Vechi’’
    Sergiu Trebis