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Clothes for people with disabilities in Moldova

Requested by

Orheiul Vechi (Association for People with Disabilities)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Our organisation works for people with disabilities by providing social and humanitarian aid, particularly for children, the elderly and other people in need. We provide financial assistance and other services, including medical help in order to keep up our important work.

There are over 1550 disabled children whose parents or teachers ask our organization for humanitarian aid. Unfortunately our organization has not so many sponsors to lend a hand of help to each child. We regret for such unpleasant thing and make a great work to help everybody of them. That’s why we hope to be heard by your organization.

We work with churches, children’s homes, hospitals, and schools, responding to ongoing requests for assistance.

What is your project and how will it help?

Our project aims to assist people with disabilities to access humanitarian and medical aid through appointing competent doctors at our centre, and through providing humanitarian aid to orphanages and special schools. We are also looking to sponsor education for adults. Activities include the collection and distribution of humanitarian aid, organising seminars and round tables, conferences and other events, assisting the integration of socially vulnerable people, and organising economic activities for clients.

We work closely with the authorities in the country, who ensure that aid is distributed fairly.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

We need partners who can offer us humanitarian aid, which will help us
and that will inspire hope in people, and help to integrate them into society.

We would be very grateful for any help you provide including donations of:
- clothes
- shoes
- furniture
- wheelchairs for people with disabilities
- invalid sticks (crutches)
- linen
- glasses
- food products if possible

Please contact us to learn more on how you can donate. You may also visit our website to learn about previous donations and how they were used.

Please detail the resources that you need.

1. Society of Disabled People, district. Drochia – clothes – 500kg

2. Disabled Veterans Association dis. Ungheni – clothes – 700kg

3. Association of Disabled People, dis. Rezina – clothes – 400kg

4. Union veterans of the Invalides, dis. Orhei – clothes – 400kg

5. Social Security Disability families, dis. Rezina – clothes – 700kg

6. the Institution from Malaeshty (for Disabled), dis. Orhei – Clothing – 500kg

7. Society of Disabled People, the distribution in the general office. Orhei – clothes – 2000kg.

8. ABI, Orheyul Vechi, to assist disabled persons in the circulation, dis. Orhei – clothes – 3000kg

9. Social Protection and Family, Chisinau, Moldova – clothes – 1200kg

10. Institution Nekulaeuka (for Disabled), dis. Orhei – clothes – 600kg

If it is possible, we also need:
- furniture
- wheelchairs
- diapers
- glasses

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Partnership types

Project funding; Provision of services / personnel; Provision of goods

Regions / countries / territories

Europe: Republic of Moldova

Global issues

Children, youth and family welfare; Community development


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