Western Union partnered with Mercy Corps to increase financial literacy

Western Union, the leading money transfer service around the globe, entered into partnership with Mercy Corps in 2007 to increase financial literacy for families and individuals in some of the world’s poorest countries. “Our World, Our Family” is the five-year, $50 million program that Western Union and Mercy Corps have created to provide tools and resources that aims to help individuals and communities become more financially self-sustainable.

In 2009, Western Union and Mercy Corps reached 450,000 beneficiaries through the “Our World, Our Family” program. During the 50 Days of Giving campaign, Western Union doubled its fans on Facebook. Mercy Corps directed $50,000 of the prize money to their Global Citizen Corps programs, specifically to fund their annual youth leadership summit that educates young people in the United States about global issues.

In 2010, Western Union launched its 50 Days of Giving campaign, allowing customers to vote on Facebook for their favorite of five nonprofit organizations. Mercy Corps received 47% of the 92,000 total votes cast and beat out four larger organizations to win the $150,000 grand prize.

In 2011, Mercy Corps and Western Union decided to continue their ongoing work to create global economic opportunity with a focus on programs in Africa, the Americas and Asia. A $500,000 contribution to Mercy Corps from the Western Union Foundation will help aid social entrepreneurs who generate jobs, and financial literacy programs that help workers convert wages to wealth. They will build upon existing programs in China, Haiti and Indonesia and have goals to reach an additional 10,000 beneficiaries through programs in Kenya, Japan, Pakistan and the Americas.

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