R.E.A.C.T. South Asian Earthquake

The October 2005 earthquake in South Asia was the strongest in that region for 100 years. A massive global effort is needed to help with the recovery and rebuilding process. You can help!

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Would you like to donate product to NGOs who are responding to this crisis?

You are welcome to place an offer of goods on the Global Hand site. Validated Global Hand members will be able to respond to your offer and use the goods in an appropriate and responsible manner.

Please indicate in the description of your offer that you would like the goods to go to South Asia Earthquake relief.


The following goods have been requested in response to the emergency.

  • URGENT – Heating equipment:
    • oil heaters
    • gas stoves
    • kerosene stoves
    • wood stoves
  • URGENT – Winterised tents, blankets, heavy-lift cargo helicopters
    • Shelter: Plastic sheets, tarpaulins
    • Bedding: Sleeping bags or quilts, mattresses
    • Water purification equipment, treatment plants, tablets, water containers, jerry cans, and other supplies
    • Generators
    • Food items: Pre-cooked canned food, high energy biscuits, survival rations, food grains. Non-perishable, Halal items only
    • Kitchen sets, kerosene stoves
    • Field hospitals
    • Medicines and medical supplies: Antibiotics, Typhoid medicines, fracture-related kits, first aid kits, surgical instruments
    • Hygiene kits
    • Winter clothing; rubber boots
    • Burial cloths, body bags
    • Heavy machines to remove debris from roads
    • Transport and logistics assistance is also needed, especially all-terrain vehicles. Funding can be channelled into the transport required to move available goods.

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Would you like further information?

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Partnering opportunities

  • Who works in Pakistan and India?
    Search this page on the Global Hand website to find organisations responding to the earthquake, or which are routinely active in Pakistan and India.
  • Interaction Members responding
    The InterAction members listed here are accepting contributions for assistance they or their affiliates are providing to those affected by the earthquake in South Asia.

For your reference

  • ReliefWeb Map Centre
    The ReliefWeb map centre contains detailed maps of affected region. The website also includes press releases and other updates regarding the South Asian quake.
  • Alertnet
    Alernet is a humanitarian news network based around a website which contains regularly updated information regarding the South Asian earthquake.

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Email: enquiries@globalhand.org
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Regions / countries / territories

Asia: India; Pakistan


South Asia: Earthquake - Oct 2005