Action for Community Transformation India Foundation Trust ( ACTIF Trust)

(Unverified non-profit organisation)

Action for Community Transformation India Foundation Trust (ACTIF), is a legally registered non-profit entity with requisite compliances, focuses on vulnerable tribal communities in Tamil Nadu for their empowerment. Since 1995, they have been predominantly working with Paliyar tribes in Palani Hills covering 4 blocks of Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu, namely Kodaikanal, Reddiar Chathiram, Ottamchathiram and Palani Blocks. A team of potential working human resources consisting of both tribal and non-tribal members have been striving off for the actualisation of collective self-sufficiency and self-reliance among tribal communities. ACTIF has built rapport at both community and institutional levels in the working regions.

Vision :
Empowering the indigent communities of the Palani hills of Western Ghats in all diversified spheres such as health, education, socioeconomic, cultural and environment.

Major Activities:

a. Raising critical consciousness among the tribal communities on Recognition of Forest Rights Act and their claiming their due rights.
b.Mobilisation and organisation for tribal communities to collective raise their voices for claiming their due rights under the Recognition of Forest Rights Act.
c. Enabling tribal communities for conservation of bio-diversity in the priority sites of Western and Eastern Ghats in Tamil Nadu.
d. Capacitating the tribal communities to harvest non-timer forest produces by judicious harvesting and sustainable practices.
e. Promoting livelihood programmes for tribal women for their sustainable development.
f. Promoting afforestation programme in tribal areas of Palani Hills. Conserving grizzled giant squirrels with the participation and contribution of the tribal communities in Palani Hills.
g. Providing educational support for vulnerable tribal children to complete their school education and facilitating them to pursue higher education.
h. Promoting Children Circle Centres in tribal hamlets to provide supplementary education and life skills.
i. Administering Directly Observed Treatment Services (DOTS) for tuberculosis patients in tribal areas of Palani Hills.


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500,000 - 1 million

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Network with AGRI-FIN-TECHNOLOGY CENTER / FARMER BUSINESS LOUNGE Tamilnadu People Forum for Land Rights

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