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Vikash Foundation is a funding partner of Vikash Ngo which receives individual donation through Fundraising. Vikash Foundation receives donation only from Indian Source.

Vikash Foundation primarily works through Vikash NGO in the ground. It works with Children, Disabled People, Elderly Persons, Urban Homeless, Persons in begging and vulnerable women . It aims at empowering its target group to lead a life independently with dignity, safety and self-respect.

It believes in collaborative action and community ownership of the developmental initiative. It supports rehabilitation of disabled people, food and nutrition for needy and homeless people, health care for the people in distress, rehabilitation of mentally ill person, income generation of poor persons and response during the disasters.

Vikash Foundation has reached 5 Lakhs people from the marginalized society and the number goes on and on. Potential donors from various landscapes of the country as well as overseas have contributed toward the cause mentioned above.


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