Dogs In Rehabilitation

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Dogs in Rehabilitation is a welfare which is working for the welfare of the dogs and Cats, RID’s first priority is for dogs, because the country in which RID is operating is fertile with Stray dogs, in Country Pakistan there are more dogs then the Cats. We find homes for rescued Stray Dogs and Cats that are up for adoption. We advocate humane stray dog management, legislation for animal welfare laws and work towards increasing compassion towards all sentient beings.

Dogs in Rehabilitation was founded in October 13,2020. The purpose of the establishment of RID was to secure the Stray dogs and Cats. On November 10,2020 when the Covid 19 was on fire RID Foundation was one organization which was working for the welfare of Stray dogs, RID provided food and Shelter to the Stray dogs with out any foreign and local donations, and till today we are on our mission and vision.


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