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Established in 2009, CCAF is registered on the list of approved charitable institutions in HK, being exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland revenue Ordinance (Cap112) (IR File No. 91/10167).

CCAF actively promotes the message “Prevention is better than Cure”. Targeting at the underprivileged elderly in Hong Kong, CCAF establishes community-based Nurse Clinics led by registered nurses and collaborated by registered social workers, based on the concept of community care. Holistic well-being of the elderly and cares is achieved through targeted medical care, and psychological counselling. The Foundation weaves a network comprising the elderly, their caregivers, and dedicated team of healthcare professionals to promote an aged-friendly society with emphasis on physical and mental wellness. The ultimate wish is that the elderly may age in place healthily, independently and competently in their familiar living environment.

CCAF pledges to provide primary healthcare to the underprivileged elderly in Hong Kong. According to World Health Organization (WHO), primary healthcare is “the first point of contact people have with the health care system. It provides comprehensive, accessible, community-based care that meets the health needs of individuals throughout their life. This includes a spectrum of services from prevention to management of chronic health conditions and palliative care”. CCAF’s target is to see the reduction of elderly’s visits to doctors’ clinic, or hospitalization rate.

Service objectives :

a) Offer health education to enable the elderly understand the adverse impact of diseases, and keys to good health.
b) Help seniors to early detect their health issues through regular health checks and functional competency assessment so that early intervention may be taken during the onset of the diseases.
c) Elderly often suffer from more than one chronic diseases. Using one-on-one case management approach, nurses continuously appraise and monitor the health status of the elderly, and help manage their chronic diseases via pharmaceutical consultations, personal self-care technique empowerment, and keep track of their diet to avoid worsening of their health condition
d) In between the lengthy appointment periods with the public hospital system of the ailing elderly, offer them timely consultation e.g. drug compliance, for immediate solution to their problems, and act as a communication medium with the servicing medical officer.
e) Train and build a team of healthcare volunteers to assist in monitoring vital signs and drug management for the elderly. In particular welcome “young olds” to be our volunteers as they may gain practical health care techniques in serving the “old olds”, equipping them to face the old age challenge more easily. The majority of CCAF members come from medical or social service background. Over 50% of them are medical and health professionals: geriatricians, registered nurses, clinical psychologist and registered physiotherapist and registered social worker.

All services of CCAF are free of charge. The operating expenses depend on donations from the general public, charity trusts, CSR-minded corporations, as well as occasional project matching grants applied through various SAR government departments.


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