The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong (SBHK)

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SBHK is a Hong Kong based voluntary agency established in 1960 (IR File no. 91/1498). SBHK reflects the generosity and benevolence of the Good Samaritan in the Bible who always stretched forth a helping hand to the distressed and helpless. Through the giving of support and rendering emotional counselling to those in need, SBHK helps them to help themselves.

SBHK establishs ourselves as the Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong to bring out in full the benevolence in human nature, and with love, patience and compassion, nurture the spirit of mutual aid, mutual support and mutual affection.

The NGO gives the hopeless, the helpless and the suicidally inclined a listener when they need one so that they can relate their inner pain and distress. SBHK also let shelp seekers feel accepted and supported so as to enable them to overcome emotional distress and face up to their problems.

SBHK respects the right of help seekers in self-determination even if they decide to commit suicide, and also their right to discontinue contact with us at any time. The NGO respects the privacy of help seekers and will not disclose their personal information to any outside party. Such information would only be kept for the purpose of providing effective service. SBHK shall not take advantage of our contact with help seekers to instill personal values, faith or political stance.


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