Joshaua's House Of Helping Hands

Unverified non-profit organisation

Joshaua’s House Of Helping Hands provides access to many needed resources not otherwise available to those whom need it most in the community, the homeless, unemployed, drug addicts, and less fortunate and unable to obtain free access to.

The organization helps file the appropriate applications for the appropriate programs to help improve the quality of their health and life. Other support provided :

- provide access to sending and receiving postal mail, making and receiving telephone calls and messages
- access to internet, computer, printer, copier, scanner, and fax machines for obtaining employment, benefits, housing, ect
- access to laundry facilities, bathing/showering facilities
- access to full kitchen facilities and access to transportation.

The organization is currently affiliated with a few different Substance Abuse Programs. Impatient and Outpatient.

Normally, the organization is funded by donations, planned fundraiser events, bake sales, solicitation of hand-crafted items, candy bars, assorted snacks, and home-baked goodies. Due to all of the COVID restrictions, shut-downs, and Governor’s Orders the fund raising activities have not been held, so not able to raise any funding.


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Less than 500,000

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Doing business with the poor; Project funding; Provision of services / personnel; all (4)

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