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Repairing houses in the Gaza Strip

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Alwe'am Charitable Society

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

We do our best to help vulnerable people in the northern areas of the Gaza strip, and have various projects which we hope to be able to implement in partnership with other organisations. One of these projects is repairing the houses of poor families.

Many Palestinian live in old houses that contain small rooms covered by asbestos or metal sheets. Windows and doors are often old and crumbling and don’t protect the residents from the cold weather in winter or hot weather in summer. In addition, many houses suffer from humidity problems, especially in winter. This helps to cause disease and ill health. Many houses subside in winter because they are built below street level, while others do not have toilets or doors between rooms. This is a problem particularly for large families. Homes have also been destroyed during the ongoing problems with Israel.

We want to help at least 200 families repair or reconstruct their homes.

We have managers in our organisation who are experienced in construction, and are thus in a good position to implement this project.

What is your project and how will it help?

Full details of the project to repair houses can be found in the attached document.

Activities to be undertaken include:

Repairing of windows and doors.
Maintenance and reconstruction for the ceiling which may include ,
changing of asbestos panels or metal sheets or covering the house with
insulation material or replacing the old one with another good one that
protects them from the rain.
Maintenance of the inside and outside walls.
Repairing of floors, thresholds and repairing of cracks by raising them up to
the level of street to avoid flooding in winter.
Restoration of water tanks and provision of new ones if necessary.
Maintenance of electricity, water, sanitation network.
Treating the problem of humidity in many houses.
Maintenance and restoration of kitchens and toilets.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

We are looking for funding for the project.

Full details of the budget can be found in the attached document.

Please detail the resources that you need.

The budget for the this project is detailed in the attached document.


The suggested amount for the project is 1,028,400$. This amount will
be used in preparing for the project, preparing lists, field visiting, design and preparing the quantity timetables, prices, implementation, supplying materialsn supervision and following up, administrative evaluation for coordinators and field searchers.
The average cost of rehabilitating one house is (5000$). (Note that the Association will do its best to increase the number of beneficiaries through new planning for the project and cooperation with institutions that work in the field and have data about houses.)

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