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Funds for Dairy Cattle and Poultry Production Project in Tanzania

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Ebeneza Group

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Goal of the Project is to facilitate the orphans children to get school needs and get education also to improve the health of children and people living with HIV / AIDS in Ebeneza Orphans Children Centre municipality of Shinyanga.

What is your project and how will it help?

Dairy Cattle and Poultry Production Project intends to carter for supply of animal protein in terms of milk and meet to select both day care orphan and in-house orphan children whom are cared by EBENEZA ORPHANS CHILDREN CENTER in Shinyanga Municipality, South of Lake Victoria, Tanzania. This project is expected to have two components, namely, (1) dairy cattle and (2) poultry layers and indigenous chicken project. Surplus production in terms of milk, eggs and chicken meat would be sold so as to generate income that would assist to meet other expenses for the center.

•Dairy Project is expected to constitute four (4) in-calf heifers (possibly Friesian crosses) that would be bought from a national livestock breeding unit. These dairy cattle crosses are well adapted to the local environment. Feeds will be obtained from a pasture farm that we have already.

•Poultry Project will constitute improved chicken layers and indigenous chicken. The commercial chicken layers will assist in egg production. Depending on financial availability, this project has planned to commence with 400 commercial chicken layers (i.e., we will purchase 400 chicks), and 60 local chicken pullets. Local chicken would assist in supply of a first class meat protein to the children. This 60 local chicken will at first act as a breeding stock. After they have bred say for example, after 2 years, few chickens will be slaughtered occasionally. Bred pullets from these superior local chicken strains will be distributed to less privileged families for breeding.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

We welcome all charitable organizations, individuals cooperate with us to provide material support, funding and other in order to implement this project, we also invited them to arrive and see the beneficiaries of the project and talk to them in Tanzania.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Total 10.756 USD

1. Purchase of dairy cattle and Layers Chicks:5,400,000.00 Tanzanian Shillings(3370 USD)
2. Construction of animal houses and related structures: 3,340,000.00 TZS (USD 2084)
3. Purchase of animal feeds and veterinary drugs and services: 8,296,000.00 TZS (5177 USD)
4.Transportation facilities: 200,000.00 TZS (125 USD)

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Africa: Tanzania (United Republic of)

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