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Uganda Public Rescue Foundation

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Prisoners who are charged with criminal offences carrying 2 year sentence or more and those that are stayed on remand so long to apply for bail. The majority of people who are held in prisons charged with criminal offences and those in police cells on suspicion of having committed crimes are not only indigent but also ignorant of their rights. Many of those on remand lack knowledge to apply for bail. In some instances police investigations are allegedly carried out for unnecessarily and often unconstitutionally long periods. The living condition is lack of uniforms and blankets. They are subjected to hard labor and other forms of violation of prisoners’ rights like living in congested cells. The Uganda Public Rescue Foundation will ensure that its officials make visits to the different prisons in order to:
i. Sensitize prisoners
ii. Sensitize Prison staff on the need to inform prisoners of their rights
iii. Assisting indigent prisoners with completion of Uganda Public Rescue Foundation
iv. Counseling and representation of prisoners.
Armed with knowledge about their rights, prisoners will be able to demand for legal representation. It is a well-known fact that the presence of a lawyer on a case can facilitate speedy investigations and prosecutions.

What is your project and how will it help?

Provision of legal aid services to people charged with criminal offences in the custody since criminal offender lack awareness of prisoner’s rights. As a result they subject them to human rights violations such as labor, long stay on remand, prolonged investigations and trials, sometimes leading to outright denial of justice.

The different activities that UPRF is designed to implement are detailed below:

Litigation: to offer legal representation to persons charged with serious offences and others whose cases, though not very serious, warranty legal aid due to complexity of the matter, gender or age of the person involved. It also includes Public Interest Litigation and in matters of Human Rights Protection.

Legal Advice: UPRF’s offices are open to all people who have legal problems for which they require legal advice. In cases that are outside UPRF’s mandate, the foundation works hand in hand with other legal Aid providers and refers cases accordingly. UPRF also assists poor people to execute technical tasks affecting their situation.

Prison visits: UPRF makes periodic visits to prisons in an effort to identify persons in prison for whom the enjoyment of rights are constrained in one way or another due to ignorance, poverty or any circumstances arising as a result of imprisonment.

Sensitization: one of UPRF’s objectives is to sensitize members of the community with regard to their rights under the law especially where an offence has been committed, the foundation seeks to create the capacity of civil society to appreciate legal representation as a value in the effort to enhance the observance of Human Rights even for people who are accused of committing offences. This is done through workshops, seminars and other means including literature provision and media.

Research: UPRF has as one of its objectives to conduct research on laws and other legal issues. Thus creates preconditions for the enjoyment of Human Rights.

Counseling: Many people in conflict with the law need counseling in order to overcome stigma and other adverse effects arising because of their situation, UPRF offers counseling to assist such people to lead a happier life

Advocacy/lobbying: UPRF seeks to lobby for improvement in the level of pay for lawyers involved in executing Uganda Public Rescue Foundation aims of enhancing the observance of human rights in the agencies that enforce the law.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

By funding our project.
By lobbying and advocate for issues relevant and appropriate to promotion of access to justice.
Facilitate the development of our project
Disseminate information on best practices in provision of legal aid.
Disseminate information on best practices in enforcing human rights.
By paying membership fees.
By making donations.
By making subscription.
By participating in our work.
By giving grants.
By publicizing the organization

Please detail the resources that you need.

The Resources are given below and the Budget is estimated at 89,000,000. (USD34562.87)
1. Prison visits: 3,600,000
2. Needy Fund scheme: (Counseling/bail applications/court sessions):24,000,000
3. Develop & Supply Literature: 4,000,000
4. Conduct Workshops with prisoners and community members: 10,500,000
5. Needy Fund Scheme: Counseling/bail applications/Court sessions): 24,000,000
6. Stationery /Telephone calls/Postage: 3,600,000
7. Media & Audio schools and literature provisions: 9,000,000
Poor Persons Fund
8. Court and Prison Visits: 2,400,000
9. Court Fees & Related Expenses: 1,200,000
10.Lawyer fees and facilitation: 11,520,000
12.Administrative assistance: 8,800,000
a) Project Manager
b) Accountant
13. Stationery /communication/office roaming: 960,000
14. Contribution to office space: 2,400,000
15. Typing services: 1,800,000
16. Supervision & monitoring: 200,000
17. Evaluation: 200,000
In total: 89,000,000. (USD34562.87)

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Advocacy of global issues; Project funding; Provision of services / personnel; all (4)

Regions / countries / territories

Africa: Sudan; Uganda


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