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Skills Training for the Hard of Hearing Youths in the Bundibugyo District, Uganda

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Uganda National Association of the Hard of Hearing (UNAHOH)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Uganda National Association of Hard of Hearing (UNAHOH) is a community based institution which carries out its activities of offering training services to disabled people, mostly to the hard of hearing people by offering services like: business skill training, skills in tailoring and designing, carpentry skill and handcraft making.

Hard of Hearing people are disabled people with retarded hearing which also affects their understanding and ability to be productive. Just like any other disabled person, hard of hearing people especially the youth find difficulty in hearing (communication), and need hearing aid gadgets for them to hear well, need to be trained to leap read, they need patience during communication, and sometimes even need interpretation.

200 Youths, 50 children below 10 years were registered in Bundibugyo and other parts of Uganda. These people are backward, live in poverty, have low income levels, lack job oppurunities, among others etc. The UNAHOH believes that it is therefore a justifiable obligation to train these youth in skills and abilities that can generate income for them and enable them to be self-sustainable and to offer children below 10 years an opportunity to go to school.

What is your project and how will it help?

The project is to be established in Bundibugyo District, near the Bundibugyo administrative block where the majority of disabled and hard of hearing youths in Uganda reside.
The expected time frame for project implementation will be for 2 financial years (2013-2014).


(i) To train the Hard of hearing Youth in Non formal skills, in Bundibugyo District. (Using their hands i.e. hand crafts, Carpentry, tailoring and designing, Metal fabrication, animal rearing and other handcrafts material for export.)
(ii) To train the members in basic financial management skills, skills of mobilization and resource management for future in their respective.
(iii) To develop each member into skills that can help to generate income for one single house hold family.
(iv) To offer support for education the hard of hearing children.


UNAHOH beneficiaries will mainly be registered and sensitized youths of the UNAHOH in Bundibugyo district. Other interested parties like youths from other disabled organizations or individuals will also be considered after fulfilling the laid down procedures of coalition by the Board of directors, beneficiaries will include:
a). The hard of hearing youths (youths with hearing impairment or disability).
b). The hard of hearing children.
c). Hard of hearing women and Girls.
All registered youth are classified according to their disability. This is because every disabled person can do something different has a different ability.


1. The registered youth will acquire skills from:
- handcraft carpentry and metal fabrication/welding skills training
- business and basic financial management skills training
- tailoring and designing skills training
2. UNAHOH shall also endeavor to send the children under 12 years to school.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

Interested parties can help support our project by providing us with financial funding or volunteering (we are in need of handcrafts, carpentry and tailoring skills trainers, experienced sign language interpreters and teachers of deaf people).

Please detail the resources that you need.

We need financial and human resources.

HUMAN – volunteering
We are in need of handcrafts, carpentry and tailoring skills trainers, experienced sign language interpreters and teachers of deaf people.

FINANCIAL – US$ 98,800
Summary of the Budget:
Collection of information and planning meetings: $2,898
Tailoring equipment and materials: $10,255
Purchase of carpentry tools and materials: $7,984
Purchase of handcraft materials: $1,526
Support to children below 7 years old: $45,654
Office and staff costs: $15,574
Administrative costs and internet subscription: $14,909
Grand total: $98,800

For a more detailed budget, please refer to the attached file.

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Project funding; Provision of services / personnel

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Africa: Uganda

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Disability issues; Education and training


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