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Beekeeping as an Economic Empowerment for Poor Women in Uganda

Requested by

Community Based Initiative Centre - Rwenzori (COBIC-R)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

The social, cultural and economic climate of Kasese district has great bearing on the dynamics of any project undertaken. Poverty has become a systemic problem in Kasese district along with low levels of literacy, high proliferation levels of AIDS and limited opportunities for employment.

Apiculture is the deliberate rearing of honeybees for production of honey and other bee products. Previously the practice of beekeeping in Uganda was entirely rural-based and practiced on a small scale by women, men and children. It was not until recently that the government made efforts towards improving the practice of beekeeping. COBIC.R has now recognized the practice as one of the economic activities that has potential for contributing to poverty reduction in Kasese district.

This sector falls under the mandate of the Department of Animal Health and Entomology in the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries. The government through the National Strategy for Development of Apiculture in Uganda is also trying to address this issue

What is your project and how will it help?

The aim of the project is to train and demonstrate practical skills of beekeeping to poor women in Kasese district so that they may adopt and take up beekeeping to elevate their financial capacity while improving their nutrition intake through the consumption of honey.

In general, the project aims to reach the following objectives:

1. To help women, youth and men to identify income generating activities which will enable them to reduce poverty in their homes

2. To establish and support beekeeping as an alternative local farming enterprise that will create employment while conserving the environment.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

The mobilization of both human and financial resources for:

1. Capacity building
2. Sensitization meetings
3. Funding our project

Please detail the resources that you need.

a) Orientation of the key parishes of 50 stakeholders on the project.
475,000UGX (approx. US$ 200)

b) 4 training sessions in bee management.
3,800,000UGX (approx. US$ 1,500)

c) 2 business training sessions to streamline participants’ record keeping skills.
725,000UGX (approx. US$ 280)

d) Procurement of bees management tools and other equipment.
6,000,000UGX (approx. US$ 2,300)

e) Administration Costs (project evaluation, reporting costs, support supervision, internet costs, end of project evaluation)
710,000UGX (approx. US$ 270)

Local Contribution 2,800,000UGX (approx. US$ 1,084)
Amount Requested 11,710,000UGX (approx. US$ 4,533)
Total Budget 14,510,000UGX (approx. US$ 5,600)

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Project funding; Provision of services / personnel

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Africa: Uganda

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Community development


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