Kampala University School of Nursing

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Kampala University is a fountain of knowledge, which produces holistic and all round graduates who become vanguards of change in the community.

This philosophy is founded on a society, which needs graduates who are competitive in the job market, academically, morally and socially. It is the University’s belief, firm hope and desire that Uganda as a nation, the East and Central Africa Region, and indeed the whole world become transformed into a developed common society economically, culturally and academically which should act as a vehicle of development in all areas and at all levels.

The Kampala University School of Nursing is a community initiative established in 2004 to train community health workers to promote community health care services for improved quality of live in the undeserved communities of Uganda.

The Organization is mainly involved in undertaking the following core programs:

1. training of nurses and midwives
2. conducting community outreaches to educate and treat medically undeserved communities

Kampala university school of nursing and health sciences is a fully registered non-profit organization registered and accredited by the Uganda Nurses & Midwives Council, and Ministry of Education & Sports to conduct training and awards certificates to nurses and midwives.



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Less than 500,000

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Sick Be Nourished based in United Kingdom

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