The East and Northern Family Association (TEANOFA)

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Vision and Mission

A country with opportunities for all young people to receive an education, assume leadership roles and achieve economic independence. Young people are a powerful agent of change and giving them opportunities to do their work will advance their community and ultimately their nation.
Focus on two main areas: education and entrepreneurship. The main goal is to empower young people, families and communities in the East and the greater Northern Uganda and the entire country at large to realise their potential by improving their access to transformative education and entrepreneurship support as a way of breaking the cycle of poverty, creating opportunities for employment and income, leadership, growth and sustainable development. The programme is expected to a number of objectives;including:1)To improve the livelihoods, well-being and self-reliance for households of the unemployed youth and adults participating in adult literacy, business, entrepreneurship and credit support in Kabale by 2022; through development of literacy and business, entrepreneurship skills training modules;(2) To strengthen the TEANOFA institutional capacity in Kabale district to provide functional adult literacy education (through methods such as Functional Adult Literacy and Reflect), livelihood skills/non-formal vocational training, and entrepreneurial support( business skills training and economic support through micro credit, etc.),with special focus on quality, viability and sustainability of the literacy, entrepreneurship skills training and micro credit services;(3)To promote interaction, integration and synergy between various local government sectors(and other stakeholders) in Kabale in the implementation of IYEEP: functional adult literacy education(through methods such as Functional Adult Literacy and Reflect),livelihood skills/non-formal vocational training, and entrepreneurial support( business skills training and economic support through micro credit,etc.) in order to guarantee quality, visibility and sustainability; and,(4) To set up three TEANOFA regional coordination offices: (East, greater Northern Uganda; including West Nile) to scale up programme impact and improve quality of quality assistance at district and community levels in program operation areas.

Alongside Integrated Youth Economic Empowerment Program(IYEEP), core programme : an initiative that strives to promote an all-inclusive, integrated and multi-dimensional approach by combining three traditionally separate components : functional adult literacy education, livelihood skills / non-formal vocational training, and entrepreneurial support. TEANOFA supports alternative pathways to economic independence for young people.

TEANOFA connects a collaborative ecosystem of thought leaders and professionals business communities, students and funding partners, mobilizing resources and inspiring awareness with a singular focus : strengthening TEANOFA and its partners organizational capacity. TEANOFA mainly partners with organizations focused on entrepreneurship and vocational skills training, as well as seed funding for business creation and development. Through IYEEP they ensure that support and resources those young people, places, enterprises and programmes with the greatest opportunity for positive impact. By fostering direct, local action, young people and communities in Uganda are empowered toward a sense of personal triumph and shared responsibility, hence unlocking potential for lasting change.

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Pamoja Africa REFLECT NETWORK German Adult Education Association[DVV] Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Associations[DENIVA] National NGO Forum Kabale University The Uganda Institute of Banking & Financial Services [UIBFS] Micro Finance Support Centre (MSC) Kabale District Local Government, District Community Development Office

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