Sancore Animal Rescue And Shelter

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Sancore Animal Rescue And Shelter was formally registered in 2019 to reduce dog suffering in Ghana and advocate humane behavior through providing rescue, rehabilitation, and sanctuary to abandoned, neglected, stray and abused dogs.

Being a first of its kind animal rescue and shelter in Ghana to create a no kill zone means the shelter does not euthanize healthy animals to control population. They advocate humane spay/neuter (S/N) programs for population control and to reduce cruelty that arises from over population and stray animals. In addition to performing S/N services, Sancore also provides educational materials. Sancore also provides emergency medical care, medicine for chronic condition, quality food and nutritional supplements. When the animals are fully recovered, healthy, and free of behavioral problems, they are put into an adoption network to join new families.


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GivinWay GlobalGiving International Veterinary Care, Inc

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