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Building a Children's Town in Kossodo and Zaghtouly, Burkina Faso

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Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Burkina Faso is, at present, one of the 30 poorest countries in the world. The poverty in the country is not caused by war or political corruption but, rather, by desertification, which causes the Sahara Desert to advance further and further south every year. The poverty has brought about famine and, as a consequence, an increase in infant mortality, due to undernourishment, and also many deaths caused by malaria, tuberculosis, measles, pneumonia and meningitis. The lack of schooling has given people little hope for improvement.

Marginalized groups living in this area lack the resources and the skills necessary to move out of extreme poverty. Most of them have not had access to formal education, which makes it more difficult for them to earn an income.

We want to help socially marginalised groups in this area, including abandoned children, many of whom are sick and undernourished, young people in at-risk situations, and mothers with no financial resources who have been ill-treated or abandoned, families in situations of extreme poverty, drug addicts and people who are ill. We aim to do this through the construction of a children’s town.

What is your project and how will it help?

The priority of our project is to provide, a supportive environment and the strong continuing bonds needed for their optimum personal development, for 2,000 people with no financial resources (including single mothers, children and adolescents) through the construction of a children´s town, a secure micro -system which will provide for the mental, social, moral, emotional and physical development of the children. The town will be designed specifically to provide the necessary support to achieve the rehabilitation, social preparation, training, and overall improvement of the beneficiaries.

The construction of the town allows for areas for the different facilities, such as healthcare, recreation, schooling, professional training, social assistance and the residential facilities. A caring staff team led by professionals who create a micro system with clear dynamics, in which the individual is prepared for entry into the macro system, strengthened, healthy, and having acquired the tools needed to live, grow and become productive. Children and adolescents with self-esteem who have recovered the ability to make decisions and their own human dignity.
The construction of this town includes: 20 residential blocks. Each module will be equipped with bathrooms, living room and study, laundry and services. The town will have some communal areas and services, such as: the dining hall, medical centre, sickbay, recreational areas, multipurpose halls (library, auditorium…), administrational and services area, and school.
Strategies will be put into place to combat poverty, to encourage agricultural and livestock activities and the digging of Wells for water, as well as the creation of training workshops for the Young people in welding, carpentry, furniture upholstery, sewing, painting and restoration of furniture, car mechanics, bakery, building, and computer science.
An area designed to rebuild the lives of children and adolescents and to provide them with a productive future.
This project will benefit the country of Burkina Faso as a whole.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

We need building materials, construction workers, equipment and supplies for the construction of the town, supplies to equip the training workshops and financial assistance.

Please detail the resources that you need.

$ 500,000
Construction materials and equipment for vocational training workshops

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Africa: Burkina Faso

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