Right Education Foundation (REF)

(Unverified non-profit organisation)

Right Education Foundation was established by a group of young and energetic people who were highly motivated and committed for contributing their time, skills and energies for the development and empowerment of socially disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in Uganda and addressing poverty issues and gender based discriminations.

REF is a development organization. It’s a non-government, not-for-profit and non-sectarian, non-partisan organization working for social development of vulnerable and less developed people. Mission


1. Promotion of Education with Special Focus on Girls’ Education
2. Promotion of Gender Equality & Women
3. Empowerment, and Address Gender Based Violence Issues
4. Disaster Risk Reduction, Provide Timely Relief Assistance to Disaster Affected Communities and Assist them for their Timely Rehabilitation and Early Recovery.
5. Promotion of Livelihoods and Explore Sustainable & Disaster Resilient Livelihood Options.
6. Provision of Accessible and clean drinking water & quality Sanitation Facilities and 7. 7
7. Improvement of Community Physical Infrastructure
8. Promotion of Child Protection, Rights of Children & Youth Development and Address the issues related to Abuse and marginalization of Children, Adolescents and Youth
9. Promote Environment Protection and Address Climate Change Issues
Promote Basic Health Facilities and Address HIV & AIDS
10. Support Development of Civil Society and Institutional Development
11. To offer psychological support and care service and restore hope in member societies with serious medical conditions or life threatening situations.
12. To provide opportunities and encourage for pursuing a regular and liberal course of education of the higher grade and quality in the various branches of knowledge dealt with by the institution
13. To provide computer knowledge to the school drop outs most especially to the girls to prevent them from engaging themselves in activities that may affect their future



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Jun 2012 - Uganda: Landslides; East Africa Crisis