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Donate Children's Christmas Gifts Items for orphans and widows in Uganda

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Child Support Uganda (CSU)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Hope for Kids Christmas Gift Program is CSU’s annual end of year community Christmas Gift Party celebrations for all orphans and widows in CSU’s childcare and community support program in Uganda, aimed at providing tangible decent Christmas gifts and in-kind items to orphaned children, youth and widows.

What is your project and how will it help?

Every year, Child Support Uganda (CSU) organizes Hope for Kids Christmas Gift Party Celebration for orphans and disadvantaged children in communities where we work. During this community event, children receive tangible Christmas gifts and presents donated by friends and well-wishers. The objective of the program is to enable less privileged children, youth and widows, share in the joy and blessing of Christmas by giving them tangible Christmas gifts of shoes, clothing, scholastic materials, bedding and other in-kind presents.
To realize this goal, Child Support Uganda requests for partnerships and support from individuals, families, companies, organizations, churches and well-wishers from all over the world to donated in-kind Christmas gifts goods and children’s gift items.
This year’s Children’s Christmas Gift celebration will take place on Saturday, December 21, 2013, at CSU’s Kamwokya Child Support Center, in Kamwokya slums of Kampala, Uganda.
Donations for this year’s event should be shipped to reach CSU offices in Kampala, Uganda, by or before December 15, 2013. All parcels should be marked “Donations for Humanitarian Aid” and shipped to our mailing Address:
Child Support Uganda
P.O. Box 28454
Kampala – Uganda
Attn: Anthony Onyango Yakabo, Director.
Please note that there is a customs clearance charge levied on in-kind donations received in Uganda. As such we ask that when you donate gifts in-kind, please consider making a small financial donation to help pay for customs clearance charges on the gifts in Uganda.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

1. Collect and Ship In-kind Gifts & Donations:
You can help by collecting in-kind items of clothing, shoes, school supplies, bedding, computer equipment, audio/visual items, sports equipment, Christian literature, mobile phones, musical instruments, vehicle, office supplies, Christmas shoe boxes, a warehouse, tinned food stuff, medical equipment, just anything… CSU has put together a list of “In-kind Donations” that can be collected and shipped to help the children in Uganda. Please download the full list of in-kind items that can be donated and distribute it to people who may wish to give in-kind items as donations.
Please note that there is a customs clearance fee charged on all in-kind donations received in Uganda. People donating in-kind items should consider giving a small financial donation as well to help with customs clearance of the donated items in Uganda.

2. Give a Financial Donation:
Child Support Uganda welcomes and receives donations from individuals, families, organizations, churches, companies, corporations and other NGO’s. You can offer to make a financial donation yearly to support this program or make a one-time donation by check, wire transfer or online via secure PayPal. CSU commits 100% of all donations towards childcare programs and projects in Uganda.

3. Conduct a Fundraiser to Support Children’s Christmas Project in Uganda:
You can conduct a garage sale; organize a luncheon, design a T-shirt, stage an ART gallery or a BBQ event, bake a cake or cookies for sale, organize a “walk in walk out” coffee event, biking or swimming fundraiser, host a dinner or movie party, sale Arts and crafts, stage a fundraising concert in your church where tickets are sold to fund the construction of an orphanage, orphan school, school van, a child medical needs, or a student education project in the Uganda, the possibilities are endless… Please consider fundraising to support CSU’s programs and projects in Uganda.

Please detail the resources that you need.

We envision that the following items can be donated in-kind:
1. Clothing: for children and youth ages 2-17 years
2. Shoes: for children and youth ages 2-17 years
3. School Supplies: books, pens, pencils, school bags (backpacks) etc., erasers
4. Bedding: bed sheets, blankets, towel, etc.
5. Equipment: Laptop Computers, Desktop computers, ipads, cellphones, digital
cameras, video cameras, projectors, etc.
6. Sports equipment: Soccer balls, Volleyballs, Netball, Sports shoes, sports
uniforms, etc.
7. Musical instruments: Guitars, Piano Keyboard, Microphones, Amplifiers,
Mixers, Loud Speakers.

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