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Sewing materials (or monetary equivalent) for school-run enterprise in Zambia

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The School Club Zambia

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

The School Club Zambia is a Zambian based Non-Governmental Organisation which exists to support community schools to become financially self-sufficient by setting up school-run enterprises such as tailoring centres. This provides schools with a reliable income as well as providing pupils with access to vocational training and business knowledge, which in turn can lead to better employment opportunities in later life.

What is your project and how will it help?

Kariba South Primary School is a school in The School Club Zambia network that has started a tailoring centre as a school-run enterprise.

By generating their own income through various projects, Kariba South Primary School are working toward a situation where they will be able to independently cover their annual expenditure and address some of their most urgent perceived needs. Once this is achieved, the school will no longer have to rely on the infrequent goodwill others to buy essential school resources. Financial self-sufficiency will mean that the school will be able to plan its services annually, increasing staff efficiency and the quality of the essential services the school provides to its pupils.

School-run businesses provide access to vocational training, so that pupils can learn skills which are relevant to entering an economy where 80% of people are employed in the informal sector. It is estimated by the UN that approximately 50% of Zambia’s population is under 25 and unemployed. Training in business skills which are integrated into the school’s curriculum, greatly enhance the chances of pupils being able to start and manage their own enterprises in later life if this is what they choose to do. This programme is designed to increase pupil’s options post education whilst diversifying skills in the community.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

There are a number of options to partner with The School Club Zambia including volunteering, internships, CSR, donations and like minded companies or NGOs offering partnerships and services. To find out more about the options available, please inquire at

Please detail the resources that you need.

For the expansion of the Tailoring centre at Kariba South Primary School, the following materials are needed:
Sewing Machine x 3 (preferably electric)
Overlocker x 1
Machine Oil x 15
Machine Needles x 30
Pins x 5
Cotton Picks x 9
Material Chalk x 3
Material Scissors x 3
Tape Measures x 3
Tables x 2
Chairs x 3
Shelves x 1

The total monetary cost of all materials = USD 1500

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Doing business with the poor

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Africa: Zambia

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Community development; Education and training; Job creation and enterprise development; all (4)


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