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Act women foundation Uganda was established in 2004 to help marginalized women and girls in areas of empowerment and recognition of their rights. The Foundation has experienced staff in human rights approaches and they cover the District of Kasese Uganda. Many women and girls have received help to come out of poverty especially women living with HIV/AIDS, Sexual workers rights and empowering young girls with education for development.

They campaign for zero violence, economic and political empowerment, sexual and reproductive health rights. The organization also runs women technical Programs that facilitates attraction of donations from Donors regional and international women’s rights funds.

Current Projects:
Education for Rural Girls- The purpose of this project is to promote girl child education among the rural community in Kasese district Uganda, so far we have helped 60 orphans and 100 girls to access education in primary schools, secondary and higher education.
Climate Change Action- Involving women in planting, building and helping fight climate change
Civic Education and Literacy- Our work reaches women and people who have been marginalised in rural Uganda, those who often missed out on school due to extreme poverty, Rape, HIV/AIDS, conflict or discrimination. Our practical education projects give people the skills and resources they need to make change happen, giving them a new start and turning their hope for a better future into a reality.


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