Youth and Women's Alliance for Rural Development (YAWARD) Verified non-profit organisation

(Verified non-profit organisation)

Youth and Women Alliance for Rural Development (YAWARD) – is a Ugandan-based indigenous, community empowerment voluntary organization and char4itable self-help organization founded in 2007 and fully registered by Ugandan Government for these and allied purposes functions in communities where needs are to assist the vulnerable poor and the weak.

Since the founding, YAWARD operates from their registered headquarters in Atar Trading Center, Apac Sub county which is 7 kilometers from Apac Municipal Council, some 380 kilometers north of Kampala City, the Ugandan Capital.
According to YAWARD legislative mandate, the organization has non-discriminating policies supporting:
*Education and Training Programmes(EATP)
*Community and Public Affordable and Inclusive Healthcare Program.
*Clean and Energy-Saving Stoves Technology Products for Households and Institutions(CAEST)
*Economic Empowerment and Gender Equality,Legal Justice Access Equality(EGLJE)
*Food, Nutrition and Health Quality Security(FNHQS)
*Human Rights,and Democratic Sustainability(HRDS)
*Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Concervation(EPNRC)
*Clean and Safe Water Provision to Needy Communities and Schools.
*Disaster Preparedness and Humanitarian Responses Services.

To fulfill its mission objectives, thus,it is in the light of greater and broader well-being of target population of Uganda,that the organization is always open for constructive dialogues and mutually beneficial and fruitful lasting agreements with donors, investors, collaborators, partners, and friends in Uganda, Africa and worldwide.

In the field of Education, the organization sponsors needy kids to schools and youth for life-skills training packages.
With needs specific to Girl-child Empowerment, their support packages include Sanitary Pads Distribution

Meanwhile in the field of Health, YAWARD has already an established Community Health Facilities in 2(Two) locations in areas of greatest needs, namely:
1-Adyeda Community Health Center- Adyeda Parish, Aduku Sub-county, Kwania District(Northern Uganda)
2-Ibuje Community Health Center(Aketo Village),Ibuje Sub-County, Apac District.
These are offering quality affordable community health service packages at costs far lower than can be obtained from commercial health firms.

Regarding livelihoods and economic improvement benefiting the needy, among which women, youth, elderly persons, persons with disabilities and people living with HIV/AIDS, the organization provides psych-social support; additionally it offers income generation tools and packages for self-reliance.

As regards human rights and democratic sustainable development, the organization offers and conduct Civic Education Packages for target community needs, including Land Grabs complaint and legal advise.

Environmentally speaking, YAWARD engages schools, communities, home steady and institutions in tree planting, solid waste management, Invasive Species Control(ISCONTROL), among others, working jointly with national environmental control authorities.

An important componet of YAWARD is also occupied with clean @ safe water provision CAWAP) for the communities and schools by wells construction, Borehole Drilling, Rain water Harvesting Technologies among others.

This is the age of COVID -19 pandemic, YAWARD is on the ground with committed and interested stakeholders to hold the torch & moved for ward to greater health for the population of Uganda

In all these efforts, YAWARD has the following Wish Lists of Needs summarized her below :

1-Resources Mobilization support to fund the inputs to yiel the outputs(Project Hardware & Project Software-Finances, Materials, Equipment and Partnerships)
2-Donors,Investors, Supporters, Sponsors, Collaborators, Advisors, Friends and Volunteers(Consultants)
3-Signining Mutual Agreements for Joint Ventures with Overseas and Foreign Partners(MOUwFOP)
4-New School Construction financing (Private , Community offering quality educational affordable services in the fields of primary school, senior secondary schools, vocational, business and industrial training programmes)
5-New Private Community Quality Hospital Construction and development.
6-Ambulances , Dental and Medical Equipment Donations(ADMEDs)
7-Lasting and long-term cooperation upto 20 or more partnership.
8-Joint Exchange Visitation.
9-Manufacturing arrangements of Medical Consumables locally in Uganda or through license agreements from patents registered owners abroad(Medicine, equipment, medical and pharmaceuticals products currently being mostly imported from outside Uganda)

Year established


Organisation annual cash turnover (in US$ equivalent)

Less than 500,000

Participant in relevant networks

YAWARD collaborates with: 1. Sexual Gender Violence prevention Network Africa (Advocacy, trainings & lobbing) 2.Rasing voices (Advocacy, trainings & lobbing) 3.Apac & Kwania District Local Government directorate of Health-Director for Health Care services 4.Apac & Kwania District Local Government directorate of Agriculture-Director for Agriculture-Director for Agriculture. 5.Apac District Local Government directorate of energy & water development-Director for energy & water development 6.Apac District Local Government directorate of environment-Environmental protection & conservation authorities 7.Civil society organizations (NGO Forum & NGO Bureau), Faith Based Organizations (Advocacy & lobbing) 8.Cultural institutions (cultural sub region-Lango (10),cultural sub region- Acholi(10)among others (capacity building) 9.Northern Uganda Development Forum (Regional Government policies empowerment) 10.Maruzi Community Development Forum (lobbing) 12.Uganda National farmers' Association (Farmer Forum) 13.Uganda private health providers Association (stakeholders cooperation) 14.Uganda Private education providers Association ( stakeholders cooperation) 15.Uganda COVID-19 Task force 16.Apac District farmers' Association (publicity) 17.International Affairs Forum of Uganda (lobbing on favorable policies) 18.Vine yards Association of churches, Apac branch 19.Non- Governmental& Governmental Organizations, that is Uganda red cross society & Uganda Scouts & girl guides -Apac & Kwania branch 20. law enforces, child & women protection umbrella organizations in greater Apac and lira districts (10 districts of lango sub region) 21.And among others

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