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Computers for Schools Kenya (CFSK), is a non-profit organization established in October 2002 with the vision of establishing an information-rich Kenyan society actively contributing to sustainable national development. CFSK seeks to empower youths and communities for life in a knowledge-based society by facilitating the development of ICT infrastructure and capacity.
CFSK believes in the power of education and that it is possible to teach, train, feed and ensure sustainable development for the nation through application of technology and the innovations it ensures. The CFSK program thus creates a forum for community development that is led by community members and sustained by a multiplier effect
In the nine years of existence, CFSK has sourced over 45,000 personal computers that have been deployed in nearly 2,000 learning institutions. CFSK organizational and operational model has also been recognized as an exemplar, with ongoing efforts to replicate the same in other African countries. CFSK won the 2007 and 2008 African ICT Achievers Award in the category of top civil society organization to bridge the digital divide in Africa. The annual awards for leadership in ICT in Africa were handed out in November 2007 and 2008 at a televised gala in Johannesburg, South Africa
During this period of time, we have also carried out training for over 12,000 heads of schools and Education Officers, teachers/tutors, and members of Schools’ Boards of Governors and Parents/Teachers Associations. We have successfully developed digital multimedia teaching/ learning resources specifically intended for our national secondary school curriculum – providing both teachers and students with an invaluable modern tool that makes learning interesting and stimulating. We have also developed software tools for school administration and management
The incorporation of e learning into the CFSK curriculum will be prime in increasing its capacity in encouraging sustainable practices to growing the curriculum in ICT even to rural Schools thus cutting out a new niche in the Information Technology Sector.


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Currently working with the Safaricom Foundation for the equipping of schools and learning institutions with Computers and ICT Maintenance Services Work in progress with the Kenya Commercial bank Foundation for the equipping of Schools in areas of ICT, Maintenance and training

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