Partnership helps to improve training and production facilities for those with sight and hearing impairments in Turkmenistan

One of the most noticeable absences in policies with regards to disabilities in Turkmenistan is its lack of incentives to help integrate people with physical disabilities into society and the economy. One of the main NGOs in Turkmenistan working with disabled is the Deaf and Blind Society (DBS).

An interesting feature of its approach is to own several manufacturing facilities throughout the country known as Production and Training Facilities (PTFs). These have the dual function of training and employing mostly hearing impaired. The training focuses on preparing participants either for employment directly with the PTFs, or outside as self employment or employment with other manufacturers. This case describes the PTF in Ashgabat known as PTF Nr. 1, which trains and employs 167 hearing impaired in textile production

A successful 3 year partnership with the UNDP and EU financed the renovation and investment in new machinery at PTF Nr. 1; trained the hearing-impaired in the use of this new machinery, trained the hearing-impaired in the use of technology and sewing techniques required for self-employment and/or regular employment at other manufacturers.

Leading PTF to achieve an increase in the quality and quantities of
merchandise, produce higher revenues and profits and create a long-term and sustainable business model. These profits were in turn transferred to the Deaf and Blind Society and used for financing its programs throughout the country in support of the blind and hearing-impaired.

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