FC Barcelona commits to the continued financial support and global promotion of UNICEF

UNICEF and FC Barcelona started a five-year partnership in September 2006 to raise awareness and funds to benefit children affected by HIV and AIDS, and it included having the UNICEF logo on the FC Barcelona official jersey.

The club donated US$1.9 million per year over five years to help fund projects aimed at combating HIV and AIDS in Africa and Latin America. FC Barcelona also contributed US$630,000 in publicity assets to promote the partnership each year, reminding football fans everywhere of the importance of putting children first. Over the last 5 years FC Barcelona have given their support to UNICEF and its commitment to improve the lives of millions of under privileged children, helping to give global publicity to the UN agency.

Since inception, this partnership has yielded considerable benefits for children in Swaziland, the first country to receive a significant portion of the US$1.9 million in funding that FC Barcelona donates annually to UNICEF. The opening of a modern new laboratory to test blood samples from infants exposed to HIV infection in Swaziland has been hailed as a major milestone in the treatment of children affected by the virus. Demonstrating its support for children and sport as a force for good in children’s lives, FC Barcelona hosted the 16 boys from Uganda who belong to The Kids League, a UNICEF-supported NGO that uses sport and recreation to bring children together throughout Uganda.

In 2011, UNICEF and FC Barcelona agreed to extend their cooperation for five more years, in which FC Barcelona would continue to donate US$1.9 million annually to UNICEF to implement, together, projects based on the promotion of education through sport. The renewal of the agreement also included keeping the UNICEF logo on the back of the FC Barcelona football shirt. The next phase of the collaboration aims to take advantage of the social impact that the Club has in order to give support to a worldwide campaign for education and sport.

Through this renewed partnership, UNICEF and FC Barcelona are committed to provide millions of children the opportunity to receive an education and experience the happiness of sports, and learn positive values through physical education, sport and play. Over 5,000 teachers and coaches will be trained, and sport and sport values will be integrated in school programmes. Schools will also be provided with sports supplies and improved infrastructure for physical education, sport and play programmes.

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