Veolia supports the Australian National Stroke Foundation

Veolia Environmental Services supports the Australian National Stroke Foundation through fundraising and sponsoring.

Almost 50,000 Australians suffer from a stroke each year, of which one third die within twelve months. With the aging population, this figure is set to rise to a staggering 74,000 Australians dying from a stroke by the year 2017 if nothing is done in the interim. In 2003, Veolia sponsored the inaugural Stroke of Art exhibition and charity auction dinner at the NSW Parliament House. The Exhibition, of which the Veolia Environmental Services is the sole sponsor, showcases artwork created solely by Stroke Survivors from across Australia and has been running since 2003.

Veolia also participates in activities for the National Stroke Foundation to contribute to the foundation’s much needed funds. The amount raised from these activities as well as from charity dinners, held in conjunction with Stroke of Art exhibition, are donated to the National Stroke Foundation to continue research into the effects of stroke.

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