Millennium Development Goals: 2010 Progress Chart

This chart presents an assessment of progress so far for selected indicators and regions, on the basis of information available as of June 2010. While some indicators reflect data as recent as 2010, others rely on older statistics, dating as far back as 2005.

In the 2000 Millennium Declaration, United Nations Member States committed to building a better world in the 21st century. They reaffirmed that pledge at the 2005 World Summit and rallied around a common vision that focused on eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, extending primary education to every child, ensuring that women have the same opportunities as men, improving the health of mothers and children, averting new cases of HIV, tuberculosis and malaria, achieving a sustainable environment, establishing a new global partnership for development that engages the private sector and civil society organizations and making the benefit of new technologies available to everyone.

These Millennium Development Goals are translated into 21 targets to be achieved mostly by 2015, starting from a baseline year of 1990.

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