Unite for Education (U4EDU)

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U4EDU aims to promote the rights to equality and education, with the strong belief that this will enable the poor and working classes to have an equal opportunity in life. Education is an end in itself. Education helps one to understand and claim the full respect of the rights preserved in the Constitution.
Led by youth activists, U4EDU seeks to improve the poor quality of education in Tanzania by working together with communities, schools, educators, principals, students, parents, scholars, researchers and the government, to build an understanding of the educational system, whilst drawing attention to problems faced by schools and their communities. Well-found with this knowledge, U4EDU is offering a new way for people to participate in the democratic system and bring change to education and society.
U4EDU’s vision is a world where all youngsters and youths can benefit from a quality education, grasp their full potential, contribute to their community and transform the world for a better future.
U4EDU is a movement of learners, parents, educators and community members working for quality and equality to change lives through education. This is done by enlightening access to quality education for all students in Tanzania, inspiring shared understanding and appreciation between different cultures.

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Children, youth and family welfare; Education and training; Gender issues

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