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Emergency Appeal for Relief of PWD's and Older people affected by floods in district Rajanpur Pakistan

Requested by

Society for Disabled Women

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Society for Disabled is looking for Emergency Relief support for Persons with Disabilities and Older people affected by flood in district Rajanpur. Heavy rain fall since August 2013 have devastated the most part of the district, thousands of houses, crops, land,animals, and the already neglected vulnerable community of the district is badly affected.

Persons With Disabilities are the most affected in the floods, because there is no facility for transportation, and traveling to evacuate from the the sudden emergency. Hundreds of PWD’s are living outdoors, and have lost their assistive devices,and there is no possibility of provision of food and shelter and protection in the remote flood affected area.

Society for Disabled Women will focus to help PWD’s.
1) Women With Disabilities
2) Children With Disabilities
3) Men With Disabilities
4) Older People more than 60 years

What is your project and how will it help?

Title of the Project:
Emergency Relief for PWD’s and Older people affected by floods in district Rajanpur in Pakistan"

Targeted affected areas: District Rajanpur

Target Beneficiaries: PWD’s and Older Persons

Problems Identified: All the administrative offices are busy in relief and rescue operations. Roads are inundated and access to the flooding areas is difficult, particularly Rojhan city has accessibility issues. Cooked food and non-food items are required. There is a risk of disease outbreak in the district.

Description of the project:

Society for Disabled Women have conducted assessment of the flood affected area, and found disabled and older people most vulnerable and helpless to have access to their basic needs. There are no transport and travel facilities for PWD’s and eldery during floods.
SDW would make distribution of goods for their daily living. SDW also provides them assistive devices which has lost during quick evacuation process in the unexpected floods situation.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

SDW have group of volunteers already working with disabled persons in the flood affected areas in district Rajanpur.
SDW also would partner with local NGOs for distribution process for transparency.

Please detail the resources that you need.

List of Goods needed for Flood Affected PWD’s thier families and Older Persons

Food for 500 Peopel (PWD’s and Older persons)

Food packs for PWD’s thier families and Older persons = 500 × 1 x Rs 10000 = 50’00’000 PK Rupees = 48684.75USD

Assistive Devices for PWD’s and Older Persons : 295 Wheel Chairs, 120 Sticks 1, 35 Frames, 15 Hearing Aid, 35 crutches, etc.

Hygiene kits for PWD’s and Older People = 500 = 500 × 1 × 3500 = 1’750’000 Rs = 17039.66USD

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Asia: Pakistan

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Disability issues; Disasters and humanitarian affairs


Pakistan; Pakistan: Floods - Aug 2013


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