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Financial Assistance for Training Orphans and Disabled Children in Vocational Skills in Uganda

Requested by

Barr Christian Vocational Centre

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Barr Christian Vocational Center is trying to help orphans, disabled children, youth and women in the internally displaced people’s camps in Barr sub county, in Lira District.

The issue is that for 20 years the Lord’s Resistance Army Rebellion, added to people’s ignorance on health subjects, has made the community lose their family members, their properties and economic activity has stopped.

Northern Uganda has a lack of food, medical care, clothing, houses, education, which has led to total poverty and ignorance in the community.

Moreover, a huge amount of girls are forced into early marriages, early pregnancies, and discrimination by their parents and guardians who don’t send them to school.

What is your project and how will it help?

The project involves helping 120 orphans, disabled children and street children, and the implementation is expected to take 1 year from January 2013 to December 2013.

The Vocational Training School project aims to:

1. Provide technical skills and reduce illiteracy
2. Improve on the employment level through the availability of various technical skills
3. Reduce on the rate of dependency from the children to their parents and guardians
4. Reduce poverty through improved incomes generated from the projects
5. Train pre-school teachers in order to uplift the standard of pre-school children
6. Reduce on the crime rate
7. Sensitize parents and guardians about the risk of giving their daughters for early marriages thus depriving them of educational skills
8. Teach moral behaviors and leadership skills
9. Providing adult education (reading and writing)

In order to achieve these objectives, the institution will offer the following courses:

- Carpentry and Joinery
- Brick Laying and Concrete Practices
- Tailoring and Designing
- Pre-school Teachers training
- Adult Education

Some of the benefices of the project will be:

- HIV/AIDS control, prevention and awareness of the risk
- Awareness on human rights of children and women, and reduction of the abuse
- Improvement of economic conditions by becoming self-reliant
- People becoming agents of change in their respective communities
- More reliability and better prospects for the future for the Institution

How can other people partner with you on your project?

Organizations and people can partner with us by funding our project.

We have already received support from WORKAID, who kindly sent sewing machines and tools for carpintery and masonery.

Please detail the resources that you need.

The Barr Christian Vocational Center requires funds for its Vocational Training School project up to US$ 143,600.

The budget is expected to be as following (all rates in US$):

Items: Beneficiaries * Rate = Total Amount

tuition fees for one year: 120 * $400 = $48,000
scholastic materials for one year: 120 * $100 = $12,000
one pair of foot wares: 120 * $50 = $6,000
double Decker beds: 60 * $150 = $9,000
one pair of school uniforms: 120 * $100 = $12,000
Desks for sitting for the beneficiaries: 60 * $170 = $10,200
start up kits in Tailoring and Designing and materials: 80 * $150 = $12,000
start up kits in Carpentry and Joinery: 20 * $200 = $4,000
start up kits in Block lying and concrete practices: 20 * $200 = $4,000
graduation ceremony: 120 * $20 = $2,400
Mattresses, bed sheets and blankets: 120 * $200 = $24,000

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