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Provision of better educational facilities for poor rural schools in Zimbabwe

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The Collin Nyabadza Children's Voice Charitable Trust

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

I am trying to help children from poor rural schools in Zimbabwe who need proper facilities to carry out a successful education.

The issue is that many children in Zimbabwe have classes under a tree or in dilapidated rural primary school with little school equipment and teaching resources. They don’t have clean water for washing and toilets either.

“To make orange juice one requires oranges”

The same way, poor children in Zimbabwe need proper classrooms, school furniture, sports equipment, water, etc. in order to study and obtain good academic results. And further, enable them to go to high school.

I taught at a poor rural school in Zimbabwe for 8 years and touched by this plight coupled with my love for children, I decided to work hard to help them by mobilizing the community to develop the schools.
This decision will remain the most important and most rewarding I have ever made in my career.

What is your project and how will it help?

The aim of the project carried out by ‘The Collin Nyabadza Children’s Voice Charitable Trust’ is to provide a conducive learning environment for children in Zimbabwe regardless of their parents poor socio-economic status.

The goals of the project are to:
- help poor rural schools build classrooms.
- buy school furniture.
- buy sports equipment
- dig boreholes and build toilets for the children.

We are convinced that a proper educational environment will help children as giving educational opportunities to children from poor communities is the best way to help their families swim out of poverty.
In fact, in my twenty years working with children I have realized all children are capable of producing wonders once given the right environment.

Our Motto is: “No child shall be put down by poverty”.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

Partners can give their support by:

1. Sponsoring an identified school that needs help.
2. Selecting areas in which they want to contribute.
3. Sourcing funds.
4. Sponsoring scholarship programs for needy children, especially girls at elementary and high school.

Due to lack of funds we do not have a website yet. However please feel free to visit my personal one at showing some of the work that I have carried out over the past twenty years.

Please detail the resources that you need.

1. Funds

2. Sports Equipment (eg. soccer balls, netballs, soccer/netball, volleyball uniforms, etc.)

3. School Furniture

4. Computers

5. Library Books

6. Sanitary materials for girls (e.g. pads)

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