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One Touch International exists to socially advocate for the rights and dignity of people living with physical disabilities in South African and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This is done through partnering with disadvantaged persons with physical disabilities and ensuring that their essential needs such as clothing, food, shelter and mobility equipment are provided for. This organization also aims to bridge the gap between the able-bodied society and people living with disabilities by providing information sessions that educate these two groups on how to unite and create a society that meets the rights of all people regardless of physical abilities or lack thereof. One Touch International is an initiative that aims to impact the lives of persons living with physical disabilities by finding practical ways to offer them the hope and dignity they deserve. Even with society’s increasing awareness of the needs of people living with disabilities, the daunting reality is that for some, it is still a challenge to have access to adequate equipment and resources to improve their quality of life.

Few years ago, the founder of this project came across a friend who had been using crutches since primary school and discovered that she had only been able to replace those original crutches with another pair one other time since then and at the time of that encounter, that pair of crutches was in a condition that was not fit for usage. He committed to providing her with a pair crutches every year. Through this encounter, his eyes were open to the reality that her condition was quite common and that many people who live with physical disabilities in our society do not have access to adequate mobility equipment and are often excluded from opportunities to provide for themselves and their families. Moved by this, he sought out to find a way to regularly provide free crutches and wheelchairs for people with physical mobility challenges. That is how One Touch International came to being.


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