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Over the last decade, the protracted conflicts in the region, with their associated recurring long-lasting disputes and feuds, and thus the resulting epidemics and chronic diseases, have gradually destroyed infrastructures, services, and national living conditions. Not only are they the causes of human suffering, but also are the reasons for long-term displacement, migration, development delays, and diseases like AIDS, TB, Malaria and all types of virals. The character of these conflicts generates extreme fragility in basic services as well as in social, economic, and environmental stability. The countries’ capacity to deliver basic social services such as health care and education is paralyzed, and there are continual shortages of necessary medical equipment, medicine, and healthcare professionals.

This alarming situation have attracted the attention of The Akuesson Group who is supporting a range of programs from the international to the local level, that emphasizes health and nutrition, disease prevention, treatment, and research; along with water, sanitation, and hygiene, agriculture, financial services, policy and advocacy, for the poor and low-income population. This project consists of the construction of International hospital campuses in Ivory Coast, along with associated facilities, such as Medical school campus. Through this project, West African public will benefit from a vastly improved service, introduction of new technologies, IT systems, a new air-ambulance service, and an improved facility worth up to 350 million Dollars. A significant additional goal of this project is attracting medical tourism to the country and building a Referral community hospital setting in all of the West Africa countries.



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