Kalumbila Women of Excellence

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Kalumbila Women of Excellence is a group of women in Kalumbila and other towns in Zambia who have identified the numerous challenges women are facing. The group have come up with an Organization that looks after prisoners wifes and their kids.

Aim / Goals

• To produce a woman who is able to take care of her family well and fully support her spouse
• To reduce prostitution which starts as a result of losing spouse due to crime committed/death
• To safeguards the lives of children whose parents are incarcerated
• Helping the communities to refrain from moral decay habits by bringing women back to GOD and be self-reliant

By interacting with them, the group finds ways to help such women by empowering them through :

1.0 Giving Spiritual guidance and Counseling
2.0 Financial Assistance
3.0 Material Assistance
4.0 Moral Education
5.0 Marriage Counseling

 Moral Education
 Woman and God
 Budgeting in a home/ Woman and Finances
 Entrepreneurship



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Less than 500,000

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