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NLR Foundation (NLRF) is an ISO certified, non-profit, secular, and non-governmental organization registered as a public charitable trust in 1999 as per the Indian Act. In the year 1999, NLR also established NLR India Trust, which received Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) clearance in the year 2004.


Leprosy will be under control. In these societies health services at all levels ensure that every patient will be diagnosed and treated early so the disease will no longer be a major risk for disabilities & social exclusion.

Governments, private companies, NGOs and DPOs join hands to ensure that people with disabilities are :
enabled to participate as fully and independently as possible ,and
enabled to use their rights to develop their abilities and rightfully get equal opportunities for their personal development in the context of their families and society at large treated with dignity

NLP provided disability care center and runs several disability inclusion programs.

NLR foundation also provides technical advices on Leprosy to Government Leprosy and disability self-care research


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Less than 500,000

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