Rural Youth Leadership and Sustainable Development (RUYOLSUDEV)

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Rural Youth Leadership and Sustainable Development (RUYOLSUDEV) is a Cameroonian NGO that works for children with learning difficulties and people with disabilities. The organisation provides training on disability issues for teachers and children, and also engages in advocacy.

We also carry on projects in Agriculture – with the Agroforestry Project in Bangem and a plantain transformation unit. Here plantains are transformed to flour the nutritional value makes it stand out as an important addition to a healthy diet.
The agroforestry project train farms on cultivating and producing high quality produce on same piece of land without necessarily moving in search of new farm land. It trained them to plant within coffee and cocoa farms that is mixed cropping……this protect and preserve natural environment.
RUYOLSUDEV have created demonstration farms that serve as best practice training areas for farmers….we welcome and appreciate any assistance to this beautiful project.
This has also lead to the creation of a cooperative at farmers service.

…..Education and Training, with a Primary school in Bangem, this takes care of rural poor children in this disadvantage community

…..Eye care service in Buea, this help children reach their full potentials

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